In case you spend loads of time together with your cat, you in all probability discover very early on that each time you scratch their butt, they elevate it within the air. This unusual conduct has baffled many cat homeowners, and whereas the obvious is that these butt scratches really feel superb to them, different fascinating solutions exist too.

Learn the article under to study extra about why cats elevate their butts once you scratch them.

The 4 Doubtless Causes Why Cats Elevate Their Butts When Scratched

1. It Feels Good for Them

The more than likely and customary cause your cat might elevate its butt when it scratches is as a result of it feels good for them! You’ll know your cat is having fun with this petting session if it stands nonetheless and allows you to scratch that space. For creatures which might be not often nonetheless and really controlling of the way you method them, standing nonetheless shall be a really clear signal.

2. Your Cat May Be in Warmth

When you’ve got an unspayed feminine cat, you might be prone to discover it elevating its butt when touched as a result of this zone is delicate to them throughout warmth. In case your cat is unspayed, maintaining her inside the home throughout this time can be greatest to forestall undesirable being pregnant. Spaying your kitten has many well being advantages 1.

3. Communication

Most pets, together with cats, talk by sniffing one another’s rear finish, which permits them to study their intercourse, well being, and different info. There’s a good probability that when a cat raises its butt in direction of you once you scratch it, it’s to permit for communication.

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4. Instincts

Kittens develop a sure intuition for serving to their moms groom them by elevating their butts. This conduct stays with them even throughout their grownup years and may be seen once you give your cuddly pet butt scratches. If you gently pet your cat, it’d remind them of the best way their mom would groom them, inflicting this intuition to boost their butts to come up.

When Butt Scratches Turn out to be Painful for Your Cat

Typically, once you attempt to scratch your cat’s butt, you would possibly discover that it hurts them or feels uncomfortable. Then again, your cat would possibly ask for butt scratches too incessantly and even attempt to scratch its rear on different surfaces. If butt scratches appear painful to your cat, they may have the next well being issues:

  • Impacted anal glands
  • Pores and skin allergy symptoms
  • Kidney illness
  • Kidney stones
  • Spinal issues
  • Fleas
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One other potential set off for inflicting ache to your cats when scratching their butt is stress and nervousness. Cats which have gone by a latest change of atmosphere or expertise separation nervousness too usually would possibly shed extra of their coat than regular. These cats will ask for extra scratches on their butt and can are inclined to exhibit lethargy and even conceal from you.

If painful scratches on the bottom of your cat’s tail are paired with lack of urge for food, lethargy, or different signs, you must take your cat to the vet for a check-up.


When you learn all of the potential the reason why your cat would possibly elevate their butt once you scratch it, you’ll have a a lot better perspective of this unusual but cute conduct. Cats may be mysterious creatures, however the most typical cause behind that is their love for cuddles and being petted.

Featured Picture Credit score: Christin Hume, Unsplash

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