When you’ve ever seen your hamster busily gnawing away on the cage bars, you may assume that that is simply typical hamster conduct. However it may not be.

Hamsters that chew on the bars of their cage and begin to present aggression, akin to lunging and biting your hand if you put them within the cage, are affected by a psychological dysfunction referred to as cage rage.

This dysfunction can vary from delicate to extreme, so right here, we talk about the first causes for it and the methods that you would be able to assist your hamster, which ought to preserve them happier and more healthy general.

What Precisely Is Cage Rage?

Cage rage is a psychological dysfunction that may have an effect on any animal dwelling in a cage, however the indicators will differ relying on the species.

Relying on its severity, it may possibly show harmful to the hamster, you, or different hamsters that share the cage. It’s also extremely hectic for the hamster, impacting their well being and shortening their lifespan.

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Indicators of Cage Rage

The indicators will rely on what stage the cage rage is at, however the next are the commonest ones:

  • Extreme gnawing and biting of the cage bars
  • Lunging at something positioned within the cage (together with your hand)
  • Biting your hand, significantly once they’re within the cage
  • Exhibiting elevated aggression each inside and outdoors the cage
  • Continually climbing the bars
  • Destroying all the things within the cage
  • Exhibiting aggression towards different cage mates
  • Showing burdened and agitated
  • Making vocal sounds or spitting if you strategy the cage
  • Exhibiting indicators of broken tooth from bar biting
  • Marking their territory excessively

The ten Methods to Cease Cage Rage

The way you cease the cage rage entails figuring out what precipitated it within the first place. Let’s cowl the strategies that you need to use to assist your hamster.

1. Spend money on a Bigger Cage

A main explanation for cage rage is the habitat being too small. This may particularly be the case with Syrian (Golden) Hamsters as a result of they’re a big hamster species (usually 5–7 inches lengthy).

Most consultants advocate {that a} hamster’s cage needs to be as giant as doable, however as a normal guideline, a cage for hamsters of any dimension needs to be no smaller than roughly 40 x 20 x 20 inches.

2. Add Enrichment Toys

Past the standard working wheel, hamsters want numerous enrichment toys to assist preserve them occupied. Purpose for objects that the hamster can chew on (and never the bars) and issues that they’ll discover.

You must also be sure that the working wheel is secure in your hamster. It needs to be giant sufficient for his or her physique, and being made from stable plastic can be excellent. You can even make your personal hamster toys or buy just a few good ones.

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3. Take away Cage Mates

That is significantly important for Syrian hamsters, that are usually fairly territorial and often aggressive towards different hamsters. If you’re housing hamsters collectively, take into account rehousing one to a brand new cage.

Some are positive dwelling in same-sex teams, however many feminine hamsters will be fairly aggressive and territorial. When you witness aggression directed towards different hamsters, separating them ought to assist.

4. Embody Locations to Conceal

Together with tunnels and toys, you need to be sure that your hamster has just a few hideaways, which may also help cut back stress. Having a spot to cover makes hamsters really feel safer, significantly if they should conceal from a hectic scenario.

In case your hamster builds a nest, it’s best to at all times watch out to maintain it as intact as doable when cleansing out the cage.

5. Socialize Your Hamster

Your hamster needs to be given common alternatives to work together with you, significantly outdoors the cage. No less than 3 times every week, deal with your hamster outdoors the cage, and permit them to soundly discover an space just like the sofa or a mattress.

Keep in mind that some hamster species don’t prefer to be dealt with a lot, so get to know your hamster, and be taught the correct amount of dealing with for them.

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6. Let Them Sleep

Hamsters are nocturnal, which any hamster proprietor is aware of if the cage is of their bed room! However this implies your hamster will likely be sleeping throughout the day, which is if you may wish to deal with them.

As tempting as it’s, it’s best to at all times depart your hamster to sleep. Think about all of the sudden being picked up if you’re having a pleasant nap. It’s jarring! This may result in extra stress in your hamster, so solely deal with them when they’re awake.

7. Hold the Cage Clear

An unclean cage provides to a hamster’s stress, so it’s best to clear it weekly and spot clear it each day—take away dirty and moist litter and substitute it with recent litter.

If the cage is common sized, it’s best to do a deep cleansing as soon as every week or each 2 weeks. That is why having a big cage can turn out to be useful. When you spot clear each day, you may go longer between deep cleans, presumably each 1 or 2 months.

8. Use Tubes/Tunnels

Tubes are excellent objects for hamsters to discover safely. Simply be sure that they don’t take up area contained in the cage; use those that may create bridges and areas up alongside the ceiling.

You’ll want to monitor your hamster as they navigate the tunnels, and keep in mind that they can even want cleansing.

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9. Verify the Base of the Cage

If the bottom of your hamster’s cage is shallow, they gained’t be capable to burrow as a lot as they would favor. Burrowing provides your hamster one thing to do and makes them really feel secure. So, should you’re already available in the market for a more moderen, larger cage, verify that there’s a deep sufficient base to allow burrowing.

10. Guarantee That There Is Sufficient Air flow

That is particularly crucial if you’re utilizing an aquarium to accommodate your hamster. A plastic habitat will want sufficient common holes to make sure correct air flow, and an aquarium ought to have a mesh ceiling.

With out the best air flow, the habitat will likely be too scorching and humid, and the hamster can even be trapped with the robust smells of their cage.

They can even expertise additional stress if they’re moved from a wire cage into an aquarium, as it should have much less air flow than the cage, and the reflection may trigger them anxiousness.

Info About Cage Rage

  • The commonest explanation for cage rage is an unsuitable cage—it’s too small and/or not cleaned often sufficient. Most hamsters are offered in cages which can be far too small for them.
  • All species of hamsters can expertise cage rage, however Syrian hamsters are the almost certainly. Whereas the Roborovski hamster is much less probably, they’ll nonetheless expertise stress from issues like overcrowding and itching.
  • Sadly, some hamsters with extreme cage rage may not ever get better. That is why if you first discover your hamster exhibiting indicators of cage rage, you need to take steps to cease it.
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The best way to Stop Cage Rage

Stopping cage rage should begin with the scale of the cage and sustaining cleanliness. Separate any hamsters housed collectively on the first signal of cage rage, and be sure that their cages are far aside sufficient that they don’t know the opposite is there.

Be certain that their cage has a minimum of two ranges to discover, sufficient toys, and an acceptable working wheel. Give your hammy sufficient time with you for socialization, the power to discover outdoors, and sufficient locations to cover contained in the habitat.


Avoiding cage rage depends on giving your hammy sufficient area—area away from different hamsters (for some species), area from an excessive amount of noise and stress, and area to run round in.

Like all pets, hamsters want loads of consideration, love, and care, which implies feeding them, cleansing the cage, and making certain that they’re completely satisfied. Even when your hammy appears positive, double-check the scale of their cage, and get them enrichment toys and often rotate them to forestall boredom.

The second that you simply suspect that cage rage is likely to be occurring, take these steps, and it’s best to be capable to cease it earlier than it turns into a major problem.

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