Cats are pure hunters, so it isn’t unusual to see them pounce at any small creature that stumbles throughout their path. Even indoor cats have the will to hunt, which is why so many cat toys tackle mouse-like or bird-like shapes. When your cat is simply attacking stuffed rats, it may be lovable and entertaining. However when he manages to seize a dwelling, respiration rat, it’s rather a lot much less endearing.

In case your cat has simply dropped a considerate “current” at your ft, chances are you’ll be panicking and clueless about what to do subsequent. When your pet brings you an animal, reside or lifeless, there are 4 steps that it’s best to comply with. We’ll focus on them intimately beneath, and after, we’ll discuss tips on how to forestall your cat from bringing you rats sooner or later.

The 4 Steps to Comply with if Your Cat Catches a Rat

1. Stop Your Cat From Consuming The Rat

It’s essential to act promptly while you spot your cat with a rat. Placed on latex or rubber gloves if attainable. If not, you may cowl your arms with plastic baggage. As soon as your arms are protected, seize the rat by the tail and take away it out of your cat’s attain.

A swift response is important because of the illnesses a rat can cross on to your cat. In case your cat eats their catch, they could be liable to creating illnesses equivalent to:

  • Leptospirosis
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Hantavirus
  • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis
  • Typhus
  • Plague

After you have disposed of the rat, wash your arms totally and get rid of the gloves or plastic baggage you used.

2. Look after The Rat

If the rat is alive and injured, you may place it in a ventilated plastic container and hold it away out of your cat. Then, you may contact an animal management official to take away it.

If the rat is lifeless, you could get rid of it correctly. Achieve this by putting the rat in an empty trash bag and sealing it. As soon as sealed, place that trash bag inside one other trash bag, sealing the second as effectively. Then, throw the bag within the trash open air.

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3. Clear the Space

After disposing of the rat, you could clear every thing the animal got here involved with. This contains flooring, gloves, bins, and your arms. To effectively get rid of dangerous micro organism, you may combine bleach and water to clean over the contaminated objects. When diluted with water, bleach is much less dangerous to your cat.

Nonetheless, diluted bleach will be harmful in your cat. That’s the reason it’s best to maintain your cat in one other room when you’re cleansing.

4. Brush Your Cat’s Enamel

This step could appear daunting, however it’s important to your cat’s well being and security. In case your cat bit the rat, you will want to brush their tooth to take away any dangerous micro organism which may be of their mouth.

To brush your cat’s tooth, use toothpaste and a toothbrush designed for felines. Human toothpaste and toothbrushes should not applicable for cats. Place a dollop of toothpaste on the comb, and permit your cat to smell it and test it out. Then, gently maintain your cat’s head at an angle as a way to see their mouth higher.

Fastidiously tug your cat’s decrease lip down as a way to brush their tooth. Transfer the comb in circles for 30 seconds on either side of his jaw. Whereas brushing your cat’s tooth, put on gloves to guard your self from any of the micro organism of their mouth.

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Tips on how to Discourage Your Cat from Catching Rats

Regardless that they’ve been domesticated for hundreds of years, cats have by no means misplaced their interior predator. In case your cat performs outdoors and has entry to small animals, it’s greater than seemingly that you’ll find yourself with a considerate “current” at times. In case you’re searching for methods to stop your cat’s gift-giving streak, there are a couple of approaches which you can take.

Hold Them Indoors

One of many easiest methods to maintain rats out of your cat’s mouth is to maintain your pet indoors. Whereas it isn’t a 100% assure, as rodents can nonetheless sneak into your property often, it considerably diminishes your cat’s means to prowl for reside prey. As an alternative, you may redirect their looking needs to stuffed mice, puzzle toys, or different entertaining (and protected) shops.

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Place a Bell on Your Cat’s Collar

This selection is much less efficient than conserving your cat indoors however can nonetheless be useful. A bell in your cat’s collar will alert the prey of their strategy. Looking shall be a way more tough job in your furry pal, however expert hunters should have the ability to handle it.

Nonetheless, ensure that the collar you place round your pet’s neck is a breakaway collar. They’ve clasps that may launch if the collar is snagged on an object. In any other case, your cat can get caught or choke if the collar is caught on one thing.

Present an Different

In case your cat has an enough outlet for his or her want to hunt, they’re much less more likely to really feel the necessity to seize reside prey. Together with your cat’s toys, you may mimic their pure prey and entice them to play with the toys slightly than reside rodents.


Cleansing up your cat’s messes isn’t enjoyable, particularly when it entails a dwelling (or as soon as dwelling) animal. Though your impulse could also be to panic or act rashly, be sure you take precautionary measures equivalent to sporting gloves and disinfecting the realm. There are various methods to stop your cat from bringing their prey house, together with conserving them inside and attaching a bell to their collar.

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