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So, you’d wish to litter prepare your guinea pig and also you’re questioning if you need to use cat litter. Except you’re utilizing recycled paper, such because the model Breeders Alternative Cat Litter, it’s unsafe to make use of any type of cat litter in your guinea pigs’ atmosphere.

On this article, you’ll study why cat litter isn’t beneficial on your guinea pigs and what litter you need to use for potty coaching.

Well being Issues Relating to Cat Litter

Cat litter is unsafe for guinea pigs for a lot of causes. Most cat homeowners desire clumping or clay litter, which is unhealthy and harmful  on your guinea pigs’ digestion and respiratory operate.  Under are the risks that cat litter can pose to your piggy:

It’s best to discover a appropriate different on your guinea pigs to dwell on, and there are a variety of excellent choices mentioned later on this article.

Intestinal Blockage: Cat litter is designed to absorb urine. When your cat makes use of its litter field, the litter expands. In case your guinea pig had been to ingest any litter used for cats, it will broaden of their stomachs, and it will be tough to cross a bowel motion, resulting in constipation and the potential for an intestinal blockage.

Digestion Points: Digestive points in guinea pigs could cause weight reduction,1 diarrhea, lethargy, and dehydration. These indicators are, in some instances, deadly. The mud and supplies utilized in cat litter will trigger your guinea pig distressing signs, so it’s greatest to keep away from cat litter in any respect prices.

Respiratory Infections: Cat litter accommodates silica, which has been discovered to trigger respiratory illness in individuals. It may be assumed that cat litter mud can be not good on your guinea pig, so it’s best averted. In terms of cat litter that claims to be clumping or clay-based it’s greatest to maintain it away out of your guinea pigs. If in case you have cats and guinea pigs, retaining the litter field as distant out of your guinea pigs as potential is the most secure possibility.   Keep in mind that cat litter can get caught to your cats’ toes and tracked round the home. In the event you enable your guinea pig to roam free, all the time sweep your flooring earlier than your guinea pigs come out.

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Is There Any Acceptable Cat Litter?

Some pet homeowners use pellet types of cat litter derived from wooden, wheat, or corn. Pellet-style paper primarily based litter is a well-liked and protected selection for rabbits, cats, and guinea pigs. One other acceptable litter model is Breeders Alternative Cat Litter, derived from recycled paper.  Make sure to not get Breeders Alternative Plus cat litter as this accommodates an additive which may not be protected on your piggy.  You will need to keep away from wheat or corn primarily based litters as they will go mouldy shortly.  Paper or wooden primarily based pellets are protected litter choices on your guinea pigs so long as they don’t comprise any added chemical substances and are toxin free.  You will need to keep away from any pine or cedar wooden primarily based substrates as a result of they provide off fragrant oils (phenols) which might be dangerous to guinea pigs.

What Sort of Bedding/Litter Is Applicable for Guinea Pigs?

  • Non-ink newspaper shavings
  • Paper bedding – accommodates minimal mud and extremely absorbent
  • Hay
  • Aspen shavings
  • Paper towel
  • Fleece bedding

It’s best to keep away from utilizing pine, cedar, or straw on your guinea pig’s substrate.  Straw has sharp edges that will poke and hurt your guinea pigs, whereas pine and cedar might comprise harsh chemical substances. Nonetheless, kiln-dried wooden removes toxins within the wooden and subsequently is protected sufficient on your guinea pig’s habitat.

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Setting Up a Guinea Pig Litter Field

Guinea pigs might be litter skilled, though it might take a while.

There are two varieties of pooping behaviors in terms of guinea pigs. The poop-anywhere piggy, or the one-spot-only piggy. If in case you have a piggy who likes to poop in a single spot, it can make the coaching smoother.

To arrange a guinea pig’s litter field and make coaching them straightforward, comply with these steps:

  • Place the litter tray within the designated poop spot.
  • Add hay and kiln-dried wooden or recycled paper.
  • Add previous poop to the litter tray.
  • Clear the remainder of the enclosure.
  • Reward your guinea pig after shut statement from utilizing the litter field.

Maintain going even when your guinea pig doesn’t use their litter tray at first. Keep affected person and observant, and persistently reward them for his or her conduct. Make it possible for the tray is straightforward for them to get out and in of.

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Ideas for Correct Guinea Pig Bedding

When in search of the right bedding on your guinea pig, do not forget that they was wild cavies who lived in grassy areas the place they’d forage for meals, burrow away from predators, and dwell collectively as a unit.

You’ll need to preserve their atmosphere as protected and toxin-free as potential. Protected bedding contains paper materials, fleece bedding, or kiln-dried wooden shavings.  Good high quality hay ought to make up nearly all of a guinea pig’s food plan and needs to be obtainable always.  That is completely important on your guinea pigs to maintain their digestion and enamel in good well being.

Cleansing out your guinea pigs home is crucial for his or her well being and needs to be carried out as soon as to twice every week.  Eradicating droppings and previous vegetable scraps each day is beneficial.  Bear in mind to make use of a guinea-pig protected disinfectant when cleansing your piggy’s hutch corresponding to Oxyfresh Crate & Cage Cleansing Spray

Bear in mind, if you’re involved about your guinea pig in any means, it’s all the time greatest to make an appointment together with your vet for a check-up.  Guinea pigs are notably susceptible to respiratory and dental ailments so any indicators of sneezing, nasal/eye discharge, quick respiration, poor urge for food, discount in poop manufacturing or some other uncommon behaviour, make an appointment pronto.

Last Phrases

So, can you employ cat litter on your guinea pigs? The quick reply is not any. Clumping, clay, silica, or different business manufacturers are harmful to guinea pigs and may trigger deadly well being points on your guinea pig. Recycled newspaper merchandise, shredded paper, fleece, or aspen shavings are beneficial for guinea pig bedding to keep away from the dangers talked about above. While you personal a cat and a guinea pig, retaining your cat’s litter field distant out of your guinea pigs is a good suggestion. It’s suggested that you simply use a guinea pig-safe substrate in your cat’s litter field e.g. a paper-based pellet to keep away from any pointless threat to your piggy. Keep in mind that guinea pigs are prey animals and subsequently don’t present apparent indicators of sickness till they’re actually fairly unwell. Make an pressing appointment together with your vet if you’re in any respect involved about your guinea pig.

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