Animal Equality’s latest investigation is exposing the hidden reality of who’s behind every carton of eggs. Our group of undercover investigators focused 4 hen farms and one slaughterhouse in São Paulo, the nation’s largest egg-producing state. The areas chosen mirror the fact for hens in Brazil’s egg business, the place nearly all of hens are confined inside tiny cages for his or her complete lives.

In Brazil, our investigators revealed the merciless situations hens endure for egg manufacturing. From their first day after start, hens have their beaks painfully mutilated with out ache treatment, after which are instantly confined to a tiny cage alongside a dozen different animals. Their male siblings are shredded, suffocated, drowned, or crushed as a result of they can not produce eggs and should not one of many ‘fast-growing’ breeds used for meat. It is a frequent apply within the international egg business.

The hens are stored in so-called ‘battery cages,’ that are solely about 18 inches by 24 inches regardless of every hen’s wingspan being as much as 36 inches. They spend their lives in an space the dimensions of a chunk of paper, cramped along with different hens and unable to maneuver or unfold their wings. 

The cages are stacked,depriving the animals of daylight and contemporary air.  The hens haven’t any alternative to maneuver freely or interact in pure behaviors like scratching and perching. 

Synthetic lighting disrupts their sleep cycles, additional including to their misery. The dwelling situations are insufferable, because the hens are surrounded by excessive ammonia ranges and feces, resulting in respiratory and pores and skin issues. Trapped contained in the crowded cages, the stress escalates, inflicting feather loss and cannibalism. The hens turn into infested with parasites and undergo from ailments. Their our bodies are coated in wounds and their toes are minimize from standing on the laborious wire flooring of the cage.

The relentless demand for egg manufacturing, pushed by intense genetic choice, pushes them to put round 280 eggs yearly, a staggering quantity in comparison with their pure output of 10 to fifteen eggs per yr.


As a compassionate month-to-month supporter, you may shield animals from cruelty daily. Your help is vital to ending their confinement in cages, mutilations, and different abuses.

How the Meat Business Advantages from Egg Manufacturing

When a hen’s egg provide declines, she is shipped to the slaughterhouse and killed for meat manufacturing. Manufacturing facility farms drastically scale back a hen’s pure lifespan of roughly 8 years to a mean of only one.5 years.

Animal Equality investigators doc many hens arriving to the slaughterhouse with damaged bones from the tough situations throughout transport. Contained in the slaughterhouse, hens are hung the other way up by their toes and forcefully shoved into shackles. The fixed manufacturing of calcium-rich eggs depletes their bones of vitamins, leaving them fragile and vulnerable to fractures. 

One hen was discovered useless because of the carelessness of the staff, who didn’t assist her after being trapped on the conveyor belt.

The hens are then despatched to an electrocution tub meant to stun them earlier than slaughter. Terrified and determined to flee demise, many attempt to keep away from the electrified water by lifting their heads. They may then transfer on to slaughter to have their throats slit. People who averted the beautiful shall be killed whereas totally aware.

In Brazil, the meat from hens is bought to people as extremely processed meals merchandise. 

Hens in america are additionally killed, however their physique components are rendered into fat, oils, and protein meal. These animal merchandise are then bought as components for soaps, paints, pet meals, and different merchandise.

In Brazil, greater than 180 million hens are struggling inside cages. It’s essential that society turns into conscious that cage programs violate our Federal Structure, as they expose animals to merciless conditions equivalent to the dearth of veterinary care. We have to encourage a change in the direction of extra compassionate meals alternate options.

Carla Lettieri, Govt Director of Animal Equality Brazil 


As a mom able to empathy, a hen will defend her chicks in any respect prices.

Help a mom’s love by changing eggs in your meals with plant‑based mostly alternate options.

Animal Equality’s Battle Towards the World Egg Business

The situations uncovered throughout this investigation should not distinctive to Brazil; they’re a pervasive actuality throughout the worldwide egg business. 

In america, roughly 75% of hens endure the identical battery cages, main states to limit their use because of the hurt they inflict. Ten US states have banned the usage of cages for hens – Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, and Washington.

Animal Equality continues to battle in opposition to the usage of cages for these clever and sociable animals as part of the Open Wing Alliance (OWA), which works with main corporations to get rid of this apply. Simply final yr, TORIDOLL, one of many world’s largest restaurant corporations based mostly in Japan, and Pokeworks, a model of TORIDOLL, dedicated to sources all of it’s eggs from hens not sure to cages following stress by Animal Equality and OWA.

RIU Lodges & Resorts, a big Spanish lodge chain, additionally pledged to ban cages for hens in its international egg provide chain following intensive campaigning by Animal Equality’s group.

Collectively, these commitments will impression the lives of practically half one million hens.

Animal Equality can be working to finish the pointless and inhumane apply of killing male chicks within the egg business with campaigns throughout a number of nations, together with america. Final yr, main progress was achieved in Italy, the place the Senate handed a invoice banning the killing of male chicks by 2026. 

How You Can Take A Stand Towards the Egg Business

Hens are clever and emotional animals that create bonds with one another and revel in enjoying and studying. They get pleasure from sunbathing, scratching, and nesting, however those that dwell in cages won’t ever have the chance to unfold their wings.

By signing the Finish Manufacturing facility Farming Petition as we speak, you may take a stand in opposition to the business inflicting ache and struggling to hens for revenue. By lending your voice to those animals, and all animals trapped by manufacturing unit farming, you may assist create a extra humane and sustainable future the place all animals are revered and guarded.

Take motion now to assist finish the merciless practices of manufacturing unit farming.

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