Dragon’s look, lizard’s physique, shark’s tooth, armour pores and skin, and sharp claws urge us to think about Komodo dragons as a beast. With a strong and venomous chunk, they’re additionally very harmful. After such lethal variations, some individuals wish to elevate a Komodo dragon as their pet. So, many questions come up: are komodo dragons harmful to people, or can they be tame? 

Komodo dragons are very harmful for each people and animals. Their chunk’s energy is about 1000 PSI which is ¼ of the shark chunk. You have to know the facility of a shark chunk is sort of 4000 PSI. Right here, you’ll be able to think about the facility of the Komodo dragon’s chunk. The Komodo dragon’s tooth, micro organism, and venom additionally make its chunk savage. Additional, they’ll run at a pace of 20 km, making them extra harmful. 

Above was a bit drop in information in regards to the subject. Under, we’ll speak in regards to the topic on this means so that you just don’t have to go wherever else for extra information.

So, let’s uncover. 

Why Are Komodo Dragons Harmful?

These large lizards are harmful for quite a lot of causes. Under, we’ll speak deeply about them.

They Have Lethal Chunk:

Komodo’s chunk could be very harmful. It’s the key adaptation that makes them very harmful. Komodos have 60 razor-like sharp tooth. They use them to tear their prey into items.

First, they penetrate their tooth into the muscular tissues of their prey after which pull the muscle out of the physique. 

Vital Be aware: By seeing its gums, don’t suppose they don’t have tooth. Their tooth are hidden beneath their gums. 

Early, it was thought of false data that Komodo had venom. There was no idea that that they had venom. It was believed that victims died of their saliva’s dangerous micro organism. It’s scientifically confirmed that dragons have poison of their decrease jaws. It was verified by Bryan Fry and his companions in 2002. 

This venom is filled with toxins that kill their sufferer by paralyzing them. It additionally disables blood to make clottings which ends up in extreme blood loss.  

They Are Fast Creatures:

Komodo dragons are large lizards. Simply as home lizards are very fast, they’re additionally quick. Komodo dragons can run on the pace of 20 km, which is fairly greater than people.  

Whereas looking, they hid themselves in bushes and stayed calm and nonetheless. When their prey passes from there, they all of the sudden assault and chunk it. After getting bitten, it’s not simple for his or her prey to flee.

This manner, they simply seize their prey by mixing their looking approach and agility.

They Assault In Packs:

Often, they assault these animals that are smaller than their measurement. So, they assault alone and eat their prey by themselves.

Generally, they assault in packs to hunt huge/huge prey. We don’t discover the sample behind this act. It’s as a result of a single Komodo has sufficient energy to kill an enormous prey, however nonetheless, they typically hunt in packs. They make such assaults unpredictably.

They Are Opportunistic Predators:

As mentioned above, they’re terrestrial animals with glorious looking expertise. They’re well-known as opportunistic carnivores. They eat sarcasm with none hesitation. They kill small animals like pigs, rabbits, birds and large animals like deer and horses. 

As opportunistic carnivores, they’ll assault people, additionally. The dimensions of an grownup human just isn’t larger than its prey, which additionally permits them to assault people.

Are Komodo Dragons Aggressive?

As a wild creature, having aggression just isn’t unusual. They don’t discovered all around the world. In Indonesia, they stay at Gili Motang, Rina, Padar, Flores, and Komodo islands. So, it’s not frequent to get in contact with any human. 

Their nature is predatory, which can additionally trigger their aggression. They by no means enable anybody to return into their territory. Exhibiting aggression to stop their kids from different predators just isn’t correct. Actually, additionally they eat their childrens due to it; small Komodo stay on timber. 

On this situation, after they really feel threatened or uncomfortable because of the presence of different creatures, additionally they could get aggressive. As they’re apex predators, their temper can also be aggressive each time. 

The presence of people can also hassle them, and resulting from their natural instincts, they are often aggressive. So, staying an inexpensive distance is best in case you face this large lizard. 

Do Komodo Dragons Eat People?

Komodo dragons are opportunistic creatures and can eat something they discover. They will make assault water buffalo, that are extra huge than people. So, additionally they can assault people and may eat them.

Wild animals keep away from attacking these creatures that are extra important than them or have the power to kill them. In the case of people, they’re neither large enough nor have variations to battle with them. 

People additionally cannot overrun these creatures as a result of they’re sooner than people.

Additional, many circumstances occur after they dig graves close to their houses and eat corpses. Hey, keep. Don’t be afraid as a result of it’s not an atypical incident. They dig graves when they don’t discover something to eat. 

As a result of them, many individuals begin their graveyards in a brand new place removed from them. Additional, digging a deep grave to stop the one you love’s corpse from consuming these creatures is crucial. You too can put some rocks and canopy these graves with them for additional safety.   

How To Survive A Komodo Dragon Assault?

We focus on how they’ll assault people, and lots of historic incidents show it. In case you are not an Indonesian, there’s virtually no probability to face a Komodo dragon with out captivity, however nonetheless, it’s a information to outlive a Komodo dragon assault. 

You have to learn it. 

Don’t Keep At That Place:

Staying earlier than a Komodo dragon after dealing with it’s a silly plan. Additionally they assault in packs and may be in a bunch. So, neither keep there nor flip your again on it. You must transfer away slowly.

With that, additionally focus in your setting and stay away from bushes. It’s as a result of Komodo dragons hid themselves in bushes earlier than attacking larger prey.

Don’t Get Bitten:

In case you are caught, by no means enable it to chunk you. If any lizard bites, its venom will unfold in your physique very quickly.

After spreading within the physique, the poison will paralyze your physique, and your physique will be unable to do its job.

So, attempt to make an inexpensive distance. 

Discover Assist And Make Counter Assault:

They stay in a spot filled with timber which is a constructive level for you. You should utilize objects as a instrument to counterattack them. 

The top of the Komodo dragon just isn’t too laborious and powerful. Even they use the facility of their shoulders whereas biting their prey. 

So, make assaults on their head and eyes. Whether it is one, you are able to do that, but when a bunch of Komodo dragons assaults you, you will need to attempt to escape from that place.

Vital Be aware: You have to keep in mind Komodo dragons can not get on a tree. 

Don’t run straight:

If no choice stays and it’s time to make a run, don’t run straight in entrance of them. It’s as a result of they’ll run quick straight as in comparison with people.

So, run in a zig-zag sample and use your environment to deceive it. Make boundaries of their means, which decreases its pace. Furthermore, they cannot make lengthy runs at quick speeds. After a fast little run, it can go away you as a result of they don’t seem to be constructed for an extended run. 


Komodo dragons are harmful creatures for each animals and people. Their sharp scales and venomous chunk can kill any creature very quickly. They’ve versatility in meals behaviors. As younger lizards, they eat small animals reminiscent of snakes, birds, and rodents. As adults, they eat large creatures reminiscent of deer, goats, horses, and water buffalo. 

Killing and consuming people is unusual, however they’ll by no means miss it if they’ll eat a human. Due to Mom Nature, these creatures don’t stay worldwide. Mom Nature restricts it to simply some islands of Indonesia. 

So, don’t be afraid in case you are not an Indonesian resident, however on the flip facet, in case you are, you will need to learn our information about surviving a Komodo dragon assault. It may be helpful for you. 


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