Polar bears are one of the vital elegant and harmful predators of the Arctic area and in Animals Kingdom. Each different animal is scared to get close to these massive, hypercarnivorous species of bears. Within the North Pole area, they’re additionally within the prime meals chain place. 

Polar bears are very sturdy and highly effective animals, however few different predators exist that additionally eat or hunt them. So, what eats polar bear? Or polar bear predators. Let’s discover out.

Polar bears’ most harmful and prime predators are their form. It might shock you that male polar bears kill and eat their form (different polar bears). They do it attributable to varied completely different causes. Nonetheless, females and cubs are the primary candidates for these assaults. Nonetheless, another polar bear predators exist, which embody people, Greenland sharks, wolves, and killer whales. 

Yet one more factor, within the meals chain, no pure predator of polar bears exists on the earth. Grownup bears are very aggressive and brutal of their looking; often, they’re those that dominate.  However, it doesn’t imply that polar bear isn’t hunted or eaten by different animals. So, now you consider what animals kill or eat polar bears. 

What Eats Polar Bear? Polar Bear Predators


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Many prime predators like lions, tigers, sharks, and polar bears have completely different strengths, like massive measurement, sharp tooth, highly effective bites, and others. All these predators have one frequent predator, which is people. 

All through historical past, people have eaten and killed all these animals and polar bears included in it. People use their organs to make conventional medicines. People additionally use their claws, tooth, and different physique elements for business pursuits. Nonetheless, as we speak, people kill polar bears for meat and clothes. 

Nonetheless, polar bears usually are not the comes into the weight loss plan of people, but we’ve got killed them for hundreds of years for various functions. The principle purpose behind polar bears’ looking is their fur. People promote their fur worldwide at excessive costs. For instance, if you wish to purchase a jacket that made up of polar bear fur, the worth can be between 12 to 14 thousand USD. 

In lots of nations, polar bear looking is authorized. In Canada, 500 to 600 polar bears are hunted yearly. Nonetheless, some nations like USA and Russia banned the looking of those bears. 

However, polar bears additionally don’t worry the people. Nonetheless, in all bear species, polar bears principally assault people. It means they’re additionally the predators of the people. 

Polar Bears

Polar bears have cannibalism behaviour that constantly will increase attributable to local weather change. Male polar bears wouldn’t have a great fame of their form due to their assaults and killing the opposite feminine polar bears and their cubs.

Male polar are bigger (8-10 ft in size) than the females (6-8 ft in size), and the males simply kill the females. Males additionally hunt the cubs; they often do it above the ice. They kill the feminine and their cub to eat them. Males hunt the cubs beneath one yr outdated. 

Often, they kill the feminine and cubs when they aren’t capable of finding meals. Generally, feminine bears attempt to struggle with males to guard their cubs; nevertheless, the male is the winner most often. Males additionally struggle and kill one another; often, they do it to mate with a feminine bear.


Wolves are one other predator of polar bears, however they all the time goal polar bear cubs. They don’t have sufficient energy to kill grownup male polar bears. Nonetheless, polar bear cubs don’t come of their weight loss plan. 

On the finish of July, when wolves come in the direction of the land of ice, they notably hunt and eat the cubs of polar bears, and plenty of experiences additionally come about these assaults. 

Wolves all the time assault in packs; one wolf tries to distract the mom and pulls her consideration from the cubs, after which the opposite members of the pack snatch the cubs from the mom. Nonetheless, if the pack are bigger, then the mom doesn’t present sufficient aggression for the safety of the cubs.

Nonetheless, the most typical prey of wolves are deer, hares, moose, beaver, bison, elk, rodents, and others. However now, we will assume that the polar bear cubs are added to their prey listing. So, wolves are the third one in our as we speak article, which title is “what eats polar bears?”

Greenland Shark

Greenland sharks, additionally known as gurry sharks, are the household Somniosidae’s largest shark species. This shark has no pure predators exist on the earth. Probably the most big shark of this specie size was 21 ft. Nonetheless, an grownup Greenland shart is about 11 to 16 ft lengthy. 

The commonest weight loss plan of those sharks comes from apelin, char, halibut, herring, lumpfish, salmon, and different fishes. Polar bears don’t come within the listing of their prey.

However, in 2008, a Greenland shark ate a younger polar bear. Nonetheless, no proof is on the market of whether or not the shark hunted the bear or simply discovered it useless and ate it. 

Killer Whales

The orca, additionally known as the killer whale, is without doubt one of the dolphin species. Like Greenland sharks, killer whales additionally wouldn’t have any pure predators. Often, these 8-meter-long whales get their weight loss plan from completely different marine mammals. Polar bears additionally don’t come within the listing of their main prey.

Nonetheless, in the event that they get the prospect, they eat the polar bears’ cubs. If the mom isn’t across the cubs, these whales assault them and eat them. Nonetheless, the mom hardly ever leaves her cubs. Nonetheless, typically, the ice melts quickly, and the cubs get caught on the ice, and the mom separates from them. 

In these conditions, the orca additionally round and drags the cubs from the ice sheet into the water after which eats them. The orca is on the prime of the listing of apex predators within the ocean and accommodates equal energy as polar bears include on land. However killer whales all the time goal cubs as a substitute of grownup polar bears. 

How Do Polar Bears Shield Themselves?

Polar bears use completely different strengths, resembling sturdy forearms, sharp claws, and jaws to guard themselves and their cubs. Polar bears use their highly effective claws for looking and for defense. 

They use claws to carry down the predator and use jaws to fall it aside into items. Their white fur helps them loads to vanish within the arctic ice, and predators do to not see them, so that they effectively hunt them.

Additionally they dig within the snow to guard themselves from the coldness and different threats. Feminine polar bear makes use of their curved claws to construct dens within the snow. Based on verified sources, a feminine beginning twins within the winter. 

The moms additionally educate their cubs the best way to defend themselves from completely different pure issues and predators. 

Are Polar Bears Afraid Of Anybody?

Polar bears are on of those apex predators that don’t afraid of anybody. They’re very courageous and harmful animals. The male weight is about 900 – 1,600 lbs, and the peak is about 5.3 ft. 

Apart from grizzly bears, they’re probably the most highly effective carnivore animals on the earth. There aren’t any pure predators of polar bears exist, and are thought-about as killing machines.

Polar bears’ looking expertise are simply magnificent, and so they additionally don’t afraid of people. So, in case you see polar bears and also you don’t have something to defend, then attempt to escape from them and don’t go too close to. 

Ultimate Phrases

Polar bears are one of many world’s most apex predators, with no pure predators. They’re very highly effective animals with sturdy forearms, claws, and jaws. Nonetheless, their cubs are killed and eaten by just a few animals, which embody the orca, wolves, and different polar bears. 

Nonetheless, people are those who kill grownup polar bears by utilizing completely different weapons, however in addition they usually are not their pure predators. So, “what eat polar bear?” you may have the reply. 

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