In the world of veterinary medicine, advancements in surgical techniques are constantly evolving to provide our beloved furry friends with the best possible care. One such groundbreaking procedure is the Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) for dogs, specifically tailored to address cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) injuries. Among the various TTA variations, the TTA Dog 135 Degrees stands out as an innovative and effective approach, allowing canines to regain mobility and improve their quality of life. In this article, we will explore the TTA Dog 135 Degrees procedure, its benefits, and how it has become a game-changer in the world of canine knee surgery.

TTA Dog 135 Degrees: Understanding the Procedure

The TTA Dog 135 Degrees is an advanced surgical technique designed to address CCL injuries in dogs. The cranial cruciate ligament plays a crucial role in stabilizing the knee joint, and its rupture is a common cause of lameness and discomfort in canines. TTA is a highly effective method that involves altering the biomechanics of the knee joint to minimize the need for the CCL's function.

Key Benefits of TTA Dog 135 Degrees

1. Improved Stability: By adjusting the tibial tuberosity at a 135-degree angle, the TTA Dog 135 Degrees procedure stabilizes the knee joint more effectively than conventional methods, reducing the likelihood of post-surgery complications and enhancing long-term outcomes.

2. Faster Recovery: Canines undergoing the TTA Dog 135 Degrees procedure tend to experience a quicker recovery compared to traditional surgical techniques. The optimized angle promotes better weight-bearing and reduces discomfort, enabling dogs to return to their active lifestyles sooner.

3. Enhanced Mobility: With improved stability and a well-supported recovery process, dogs treated with TTA Dog 135 Degrees can regain their full range of motion more rapidly, leading to enhanced mobility and overall better quality of life.


TTA Dog 135 Degrees is a groundbreaking surgical procedure that has revolutionized canine knee surgery. By customizing the tibial tuberosity advancement angle to 135 degrees, this innovative approach provides dogs with improved stability, faster recovery, enhanced mobility, and a reduced risk of arthritis. Veterinary professionals and pet owners alike have witnessed the positive impact of TTA Dog 135 Degrees on the lives of dogs recovering from CCL injuries.

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