Gourami are stunning, brightly coloured fish which can be common in tropical freshwater tanks. Many individuals are drawn to the bigger gourami species, just like the pearl gourami, due to their commanding presence within the tank. Nevertheless, we’d be remiss to skip out on sharing the glowing gourami with the world. This small gourami species could also be timid, but it surely brings loads of brightness and shimmer to its atmosphere.

Dimension: 1.5–2 inches lengthy
Lifespan: 4–5 years
Related Breeds: Dwarf gourami, honey gourami
Appropriate for: First-time fishkeepers
Temperament: Peaceable, timid

Gourami are available in a wide range of shapes, colours, and sizes, however the glowing gourami is likely one of the smallest gourami species, if not the smallest, within the aquatic commerce. Though small, the glowing gourami isn’t one to be neglected, due to its flashy markings and shiny colours. This fish is often known as the pygmy gourami, glowing dwarf gourami, and dwarf croaking gourami.

Glowing Gourami Breed Traits

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Glowing Gourami Value

The glowing gourami is native to Southeast Asia, and it thrives in slow-moving rivers and streams, ponds, and even standing water in rice paddies and huge puddles. Though not the most well-liked gourami species you’ll come throughout, the glowing gourami is in no way an unusual aquarium fish. You shouldn’t have any hassle discovering these beautiful fish so as to add to your aquarium.

Due to their vast availability, you probably aren’t going to interrupt the financial institution on this fish. You’ll be able to count on to spend round $4–$8 for a glowing gourami. This fish is happiest in small teams, so plan to buy 4 to 6 fish. If potential, goal to solely have one male in a gaggle of females to scale back territorial behaviors..

Sociability of the Glowing Gourami

Do These Fish Make Good Pets?

Sure, the glowing gourami is a good pet. This can be a hardy fish that’s wonderful for learners, and due to its magnificence, it creates a ton of curiosity in any tank that it’s in. This isn’t a very social fish, and you may count on this to not be the kind of fish that approaches the glass when it sees you coming, however its hardy nature makes it an excellent decide.

Does This Fish Make a Good Tank Mate?

Sure, it is a nice fish so as to add to a group tank, due to its peaceable temperament. It’s finest to keep away from retaining glowing gourami with rambunctious fish or fin-nippers, although. This can be a timid fish that can do finest in a relaxed atmosphere with different peaceable fish. As timid because the glowing gourami is, males do show territorial behaviors, so goal to solely have one male per tank. When you’ve got a number of males, guarantee they’ve loads of house and a number of females.

Care Information & Tank Set Up

Water High quality, pH & Temperature
As a tropical fish, the glowing gourami wants a heated tank that stays between 75–82°F, with 78°F seeming to be the “candy spot.” It prefers a pH degree between 6.0–7.0, however this fish isn’t choosy about pH. It may well thrive in pH ranges exceeding 8.0 and falling under 6.0. Though the glowing gourami can tolerate diminished water high quality, it’s excellent to goal for water with no ammonia or nitrites and nitrate ranges under 20 PPM.

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There isn’t a selected substrate that’s advisable for the glowing gourami, however most keepers want a darkish substrate to assist the colours of the fish pop. Sand, aquatic soil, gravel, and river rocks are all appropriate substrates for this fish.


Whilst you ought to goal to supply loads of dwell vegetation to your glowing gourami, you additionally want to supply a lot of open swimming house. Water wisteria, hornwort, Java fern, Java moss, and Anubias are all nice choices. You too can strive floating vegetation with lengthy roots, like dwarf water lettuce and pink root floaters.


Low to average gentle is most popular by glowing gourami, however your gentle also needs to have the ability to help the plants within the tank. Tall and floating vegetation will help filter gentle, lowering the quantity that reaches your fish.


Since they thrive in standing water within the wild, the glowing gourami is happiest in a tank with low water move. A filtration system is required to take care of water high quality however keep away from sturdy filter outputs. If wanted, use buffers to lower the water move all through the tank.

Picture Credit score: Ian Grainger, Shutterstock

Issues to Know When Proudly owning a Glowing Gourami:

Meals & Weight loss plan Necessities
Whereas the glowing gourami is technically omnivorous, within the wild, their food plan tends to lean towards carnivorous. They primarily eat bugs, small crustaceans, and zooplankton. In your tank, high-quality group meals is a good possibility. These meals present all of the vitamins mandatory to take care of the well being of omnivorous fish. You also needs to supply your glowing gourami meaty meals, together with frozen or dwell bloodworms, artemia, brine shrimp, and daphnia, together with chopped shrimp and fish.
Dimension & Progress Fee

As its pygmy gourami identify implies, it is a small fish. Though it could possibly attain as much as 2 inches in size, the glowing gourami hardly ever exceeds 1.5 inches. Its progress charge is average, typically reaching its full grownup dimension by round a yr of age.

Lifespan and Well being Situations

This can be a hardy, wholesome species of fish that isn’t susceptible to any particular well being situations. It’s vulnerable to the entire situations that freshwater fish encounter in aquarium environments, although, together with ich, fin rot, and parasites. Poor water high quality is normally the reason for poor well being in fish, so by sustaining excessive water high quality, you’ll preserve your fish wholesome and assist them dwell an extended life.

Male vs Feminine

It may be robust to inform the distinction between female and male glowing gourami. Males are likely to have extra vibrant colours than females, however if you happen to’re simply now bringing dwelling fish, their colours could also be dulled by being within the demanding atmosphere of a fish store or pet retailer. Males are likely to have barely longer fins than females, however this may be arduous to pin down because of the total small dimension of those fish.

Spotlighting, which includes inserting your glowing gourami in a small container of water and shining a shiny gentle via it, can be utilized to find out the intercourse of your fish as a result of the brilliant gentle will trigger the ovaries of the feminine to turn into seen. They seem as a yellow triangle on the aspect of the physique that factors towards the tail.

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3 Little-Identified Info About Glowing Gourami

1. They Can Breathe Air

Like all gourami, the glowing gourami is a labyrinth fish, which means they’ve a labyrinth organ. The labyrinth organ capabilities in an analogous method to the lungs in a human, permitting the fish to breathe air for oxygen. Additionally they have gills that enable them to drag oxygen from the water like all different fish species.

2. They’re Designed by Nature to Be Hardy

Within the wild, glowing gourami can dwell in some robust environments! As a result of they dwell in areas with seasons of heavy rains and drought, they could find yourself in shallow, standing water for prolonged intervals. They will thrive in peat swamps, that are acidic and darkish, in addition to roadside puddles and ditches, which have extraordinarily poor water high quality.

3. They’re Discovered All Over Southeast Asia

Whereas we’ve already talked about this, we really feel it’s price mentioning once more. You’ll find glowing gourami virtually throughout. They’re typically present in ponds, rivers, and even rice fields. So long as there’s slow-flowing water with a lot of vegetation, these hardy fish are completely happy.

Ultimate Ideas

The glowing gourami is an exquisite fish that’s typically neglected on the planet of gourami, due to its bigger, eye-catching cousins. This fish shouldn’t be underestimated, although. The glowing gourami is a beautiful fish that actually shimmers and shines in the fitting tank atmosphere. The happier and more healthy your fish are, the extra probably you’re to see their good colours. They’re additionally extra prone to be energetic and spend much less time hiding if they’re completely happy and really feel secure.

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