Bringing a brand new pet house is thrilling for you, however will be nerve-racking for an older canine. Be considerate about your canines’ interactions. Previously, the overall recommendation was to introduce new puppies to older canines within the house straight away. Now we all know that isn’t at all times the very best method.

How you can introduce a pet to an older canine: Comply with these 5 steps

Step 1: Create area 

Giving puppies and older canines their very own area earlier than introducing them encourages optimistic interactions sooner or later. There’s no purpose to hurry greetings and interactions between canines; it’s oftentimes useful to maintain canines and puppies separated for a couple of days and even weeks. Utilizing child gates, closed doorways, crates and different dividers within the house creates area and lets them get used to the sound, sight and scent of the opposite canine with out instantly having to work together. Then, interactions are extra relaxed and stress-free, which fosters higher ongoing relationships between them.

Step 2: Introduce neutrally 

Relying in your canine’s temperament, the introduction might occur in your pet’s first day house, or when you’ve got a senior canine or a canine who has different well being or behavioral points you could wish to wait days, and even weeks earlier than instantly introducing them. The objective is to permit them to have adjusted to the presence of the opposite canine earlier than they work together. We would like these preliminary introductions to occur in impartial areas exterior your home or yard. This helps scale back the chance of stress or battle. Begin by taking your canine and pet on parallel walks the place one particular person has one canine on a leash and another person has the opposite canine on a leash to assist everybody get used to being shut. As soon as your canine and pet have met in a impartial space, and  if that assembly went effectively, begin to slowly permit them to spend time collectively in the home and yard.

Step 3: Look ahead to indicators of stress 

When you’ve launched your canine and pet, monitor the interactions. Watch the physique language out of your canine and pet carefully for any indicators of stress or discomfort.

Tricks to scale back stress between canines:

  • Earlier than letting canines work together, take away excessive worth gadgets like meals, chews and toys from the world, particularly if you realize your older canine might need useful resource guarding tendencies.
  • If interactions appear tense, or the canines turn into agitated, separate the canines straight away to offer them a break.
  • Maintain your canines separated for some time to permit them to only acclimate to the scent of the opposite canine.

Step 4: Handle interactions

In the event you can’t monitor your pet and canine whereas they’re collectively, maintain them separated. Even when the interactions are going effectively, proceed to handle their playtime and engagement. Don’t permit your pet to trouble or harass your older canine. That is particularly essential when your older canine is sleeping and consuming. We by no means need older canines to be put able the place they really feel like they should right or “inform off” the pet. Intervene in your older canine’s behalf and redirect a very enthusiastic pet; educate the pet applicable methods to work together.

Step 5: Go slowly

It’s tempting to hurry the introduction course of or encourage them to spend a number of time collectively straight away, however a greater method is permitting your canine and pet to find out about one another slowly and deliberately. This can assist construct belief. Be certain that they’ve their very own personal areas to retreat like a crate, mattress or a delegated space of the home, similar to a canine room, that the opposite canine can’t entry. The objective is impartial engagement and that may take time. Lengthy-term administration methods like child gates create a less-stressful home when interactions are tense.

Pet and older canine: Ideas for achievement

In case your older canine has well being situations, behavioral points like reactivity, or is a senior with age-related situations like arthritis, be particularly considerate about the way you introduce your pet and monitor interactions. You might wish to maintain your pet separate more often than not. Seek the advice of with a canine coach who makes use of optimistic reinforcement strategies when you’ve got questions. A canine coach helps you to handle introductions and creates a coaching plan for future points.

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