The Pug Maltese Combine, often known as the Maltipug, is an lovable and in style mixed-breed canine.

We discover numerous elements of this fascinating breed, together with its historical past, temperament, measurement, look, dwelling circumstances, coaching and train wants, well being issues, lifespan, diet, grooming necessities, breeders and pet prices, rescues and shelters, and their suitability as household pets.

Discover out if this breed is an efficient match for your loved ones and the place to go about discovering a Maltipug.


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Historical past

The Pug Maltese Combine has a wealthy and intriguing historical past that mixes the lineage of each the Pug and the Maltese breeds. By mixing these two distinct breeds, breeders sought to create a companion with fascinating traits from every father or mother. The precise origin and timeline of the Maltipug just isn’t well-documented, nevertheless it probably emerged throughout the previous few many years.


Lengthy, silky white fur is a trademark of the luxurious Maltese.

Maltese are a beloved toy breed identified for his or her charming character and splendid white coat. With their small measurement and mild nature, they make glorious loyal associates and are well-suited for house dwelling. They’re identified for being an affectionate and sociable breed that thrives on human bonding, making them good pets. In truth, for a whole bunch of years, the Maltese had been nicknamed “The Comforter” to suggest the reverence individuals had for his or her soothing presence and companionship.

They’re clever, fast to study, and luxuriate in being the focus. Regardless of their small staturethey’ve a assured and vigorous demeanor. Maltese require common grooming to take care of their gorgeous coat, and their train wants might be met with day by day walks and playtime. The Maltese are a stunning breed that brings pleasure and firm to their homeowners with their loving nature and lovable seems.


The Pug, with its distinctive wrinkled face and charming character, captures the hearts of many.

Originating from China, Pugs have a wealthy historical past as lap canines. Recognized for his or her pleasant and affectionate nature, Pugs have a compact measurement, expressive eyes, and curly tails that add to their plain enchantment. Whereas they might not require intensive train, common walks and playtime are necessary to take care of their weight and general well-being. The Pug’s breed customary describes him as sq. and cobby, and a leaner canine is objectionable.


The Pug Maltese Combine is famend for his or her pleasant temperament. Combining the affectionate and sociable nature of the Pug with the light and playful traits of the Maltese, this combine breed is a real people-pleaser. These canines are identified for his or her loyalty, friendliness, and their potential to sometimes get alongside nicely with kids and different pets. They thrive on human relationships and are identified to make glorious household pets.

Dimension & Look

Maltipugs sometimes fall throughout the small to medium vary. They’ve a compact and durable construct, inheriting the Pug’s muscular physique. Their coat is often mushy and silky, taking after the Maltese father or mother, and might are available a wide range of colours, together with black, fawn, white, and combos thereof.

Dwelling Circumstances

The adaptable nature of the Pug Maltese Combine sometimes makes them appropriate for numerous dwelling circumstances. Whether or not you reside in a spacious home with a yard or a comfortable house, this breed can thrive so long as their train and socialization wants are met. Nevertheless, it’s important to notice that they’re delicate to excessive temperatures and ought to be shielded from extreme warmth or chilly.

Coaching & Train

This breed might be each clever and a tad cussed. Maltipugs reply finest to optimistic reinforcement strategies, similar to rewards, reward, and consistency. Early socialization and obedience coaching are essential to make sure they develop into well-mannered canines. When it comes to train, average day by day walks and play periods will assist hold them mentally and bodily stimulated.

Well being Points

As with all breed, Maltipugs could also be susceptible to sure well being points. Widespread issues embody:

Respiratory Issues

Like their Pug father or mother, could expertise respiratory points similar to problem respiration, loud night breathing, or snorting. Their brief muzzle can contribute to those issues.

Eye Circumstances

Sure eye circumstances might be inherited from each the Maltese and Pug breeds. These can embody points like cherry eye, dry eye, cataracts, or progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).

Dental Issues

Maltipugs might be prone to dental points, together with tooth decay, gum illness, and tooth loss. Common dental care, similar to brushing their enamel and offering applicable chew toys, is important.

Allergy symptoms

As with all breed, they are often susceptible to allergy symptoms to numerous environmental components, similar to pollen, mud mites, or sure meals. Allergy symptoms could trigger pores and skin itching, redness, or ear infections.

Weight problems

Maltipugs generally tend to realize weight if overfed or not given sufficient train. Weight problems can result in numerous well being issues, together with joint points, diabetes, and coronary heart illness. It’s essential to supply them with a balanced weight loss plan and common train to take care of a wholesome weight.

It’s necessary to notice that not all Maltipugs will expertise these well being pointsand the general well being of a person canine relies on numerous components, together with genetics, way of life, and care offered. Common veterinary check-ups, a nutritious weight loss plan, correct train, and good grooming practices will help decrease the chance and make sure the well-being of your Maltipug.


On common, the Pug Maltese Combine has a lifespan of round 12 to fifteen years. With correct care, a balanced weight loss plan, common train, and routine veterinary check-ups, they’ll reside a protracted and fulfilling life as the one that you love pup.


To maintain your Pug Maltese Combine wholesome, a nutritious and well-balanced weight loss plan is essential. Excessive-quality pet food that meets their particular wants, primarily based on components similar to age, measurement, and exercise stageought to be offered. Search for meals made particularly for small canines just like the Maltese or Pugs. It’s beneficial to seek the advice of with a veterinarian to find out the perfect dietary plan in your particular person canine.


Grooming necessities for the Pug Maltese Combine will rely on the kind of coat they inherit. If they’ve a protracted, silky coat just like the Maltese, common brushing to stop tangles and mats is important. If they’ve a shorter coat resembling the Pug’s, weekly brushing will suffice. Moreover, routine nail trims, dental care, and ear cleansing ought to be a part of their grooming routine. Since this breed is susceptible to numerous pores and skin circumstances, it’s beneficial to wash them with a shampoo made for delicate canines.

Breeders & Pet Prices

When contemplating including a Maltipug to your loved ones, it’s necessary to seek out respected breeders who specialize on this combined breed. Maltipug breeders are devoted to producing wholesome and well-socialized puppies. They prioritize the welfare of their canines and try to take care of the specified traits of the Maltipug breed.

The price of a Maltipug pet can range relying on a number of components, together with the breeder’s status, the lineage of the mother and father, the pet’s coat shade and markings, and the geographic location. On common, Maltipug puppies can vary in value from $800 to $2,000. Nevertheless, it’s important to do not forget that the worth alone shouldn’t be the only figuring out issue when selecting a breeder. The status and moral practices of the breeder are of utmost significance.

Respected Maltipug breeders make sure that their puppies obtain correct veterinary care, together with vaccinations and well being screenings. They supply a clear and nurturing surroundings for the puppies to develop and develop. Moreover, accountable breeders will enable potential consumers to go to their services, meet the mother and father, and see the circumstances by which the puppies are raised.

It’s beneficial to do thorough analysis and call a number of breeders to seek out the one which aligns together with your values and provides wholesome and well-cared-for Maltipug puppies. Bear in mind to ask for references, inquire about well being ensures, and make sure that the breeder is educated concerning the breed and offers ongoing help.

By selecting a good breeder, you not solely improve the probabilities of getting a wholesome and well-adjusted pet but additionally help moral breeding practices.

Rescues & Shelters

Another choice for buying a Pug Maltese Combine is to think about adopting from rescues and shelters. Many combined breeds, together with Maltipugs, are in want of loving houses. By adopting, you not solely present a second probability for a deserving canine but additionally contribute to the noble explanation for animal welfare. You’ll be able to begin by trying on the rescue organizations for the mother and father to see if they’ve any mixes (as they usually do):

As Household Pets

  • Their temperament is mostly pleasant, affectionate, and sociable.
  • They’re identified for being loyal and devoted companions.
  • They’ve average train wants and luxuriate in day by day walks and playtime.
  • Coaching Maltipugs might be rewarding, though they might exhibit some stubbornness at occasions.
  • As a consequence of their combined heritage, Maltipugs could inherit some well being points widespread to each Maltese and Pugs, similar to respiratory issues and eye circumstances.
  • Common grooming is important to take care of their coat’s well being and stop matting.

Closing Ideas

The Pug Maltese Combine, with its distinctive mix of Pug and Maltese traits, is an lovable and lovable buddy. From their historical past and temperament to their measurement, look, and care necessities, this combined breed provides a pleasant mixture of qualities. Whether or not you select to buy a pet from a good breeder or undertake from a rescue, the Pug Maltese Combine has the potential to convey immense pleasure and love into your life.

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