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Roughly 11.1 million American households have a freshwater tank, which is over 5 instances as many with a saltwater aquarium.1 Analysis has proven you possibly can expertise psychological well being advantages by taking a look at an aquarium of fish 2. An aquarium with neighborhood fish just like the glowlight tetra is especially pleasing due to its exercise degree and wonder.

Measurement: As much as 2 inches (5 cm) lengthy
Lifespan: 2–4 years
Suitable Tank Mates: Neon tetras, cardinal tetras, guppies
Appropriate for: Inexperienced persons
Temperament: Peaceable, pleasant, education

This species has so much going for it, from their temperament necessities to its affordability. Even organising a tank for these fish is straightforward. Their wants are modest, and also you don’t want a big aquarium to supply the perfect setting.

Glowlight Tetra Traits

Glowlight Tetra Price

The glowlight tetra is a part of the Characidae household. Species fluctuate of their habitats, however they’re normally river-dwelling. They dwell in lots of elements of the South Americas. This fish is a part of the Hemigrammus genus of its place of birth within the Amazon Basin of South America. It’s not the one species you’ll discover from this group. It’s possible you’ll acknowledge the names of some associated species, together with the fire-head tetra and rummy-nose tetra.

This can be a widespread aquarium fish. You may see it known as glo-light tetra or fireplace neon. It will get its identify from its good orange-colored line bisecting its clear physique. The Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature and Pure Assets (IUCN) considers it a species of least concern. The impression of the export pet commerce is unknown since it’s comparatively straightforward to breed in captivity.

Glowlight tetras are cheap aquarium fish. You’ll be able to anticipate to pay beneath $5 a bit for them. Nonetheless, they fare finest in teams of six or extra, which supplies them the safety of security in numbers. They’re additionally extra energetic and, thus, fulfilling. Many on-line websites provide them on the market in small faculties at a reduced worth.

Picture Credit score: Besjunior, Shutterstock

Sociability of the Glowlight Tetra

The glowlight tetra is a education fish. It’s a typical survival technique for smaller species and people which are typically prey to bigger fish. The tetras aren’t as seen and energetic when you have smaller numbers. Instincts will drive them to cover, even in a neighborhood tank. They aren’t aggressive and can thrive in aquariums with fish of comparable temperaments.

Preserving glowlight tetras is one of the best ways to get pleasure from these fish. They’re energetic and can make a gorgeous show as they swim on mass by means of your tank.

Do These Fish Make Good Pets?👪

Glowlight tetras make wonderful pets due to their docile nature. Some fans wish to concentrate on sure species. Nonetheless, if you need a neighborhood tank, these fish present a wonderful begin due to their compatibility. They’ll get together with different peaceable tetras, peaceable backside dwellers, and livebearers. They don’t have particular wants like some species, which makes their care comparatively straightforward.

Does This Fish Make a Good Tank Mate?

Glowlight tetras are usually not aggressive within the least. That makes them good tank mates for a lot of appropriate species. The priority rests extra on the opposite aspect of the equation. Incompatible species embody most cichlids, massive catfish, goldfish, and different aggressive species.

Picture Credit score: Besjunior, Shutterstock

Care Information & Tank Setup

Water High quality, pH & Temperature

Good water high quality that replicates a species’ native habitat is the aim when protecting glowlight tetras or any fish. This species does finest in water temperatures between 72° – 82 °F (22° – 28 °C). A barely acidic or impartial pH between 6– 7.5 is right. This species is extra tolerant than different tetras.


We like to make use of dark-colored substrates with colourful fish just like the glowlight tetra. They put the highlight on the attractive neon-like colours and make them pop with this impartial background. These fish dwell in river habitats and can profit from dwell vegetation and a darkened atmosphere. You may as well add some floating vegetation to filter the sunshine out of your hood.


Glowlight tetras are predominantly carnivores, in order that they’re unlikely to trigger a lot harm to your vegetation. They usually choose to free-swim within the center portion of the tank. Subsequently, carpet and floating vegetation will depart them a free lane to swim.

Picture Credit score: Nathawit Thanee, Shutterstock


The dwell vegetation in your tank want UV gentle to thrive. Glowlight tetras are additionally diurnal and energetic throughout the day. You’ll be able to dial again the brightness of your aquarium by including tannins to melt the lighting and create a extra pure atmosphere. Driftwood and rocks will replicate its river habitat and supply extra locations to cover.


Tropical fish do finest when the tank situations are steady. The water chemistry of the rivers wherein they swim within the wild in all probability gained’t fluctuate a lot. The filter can guarantee the identical atmosphere in a captive setting. A well-placed filter will agitate the floor and supply satisfactory aeration. You must complement the motion of the filter with weekly partial water adjustments to rid the tank of poisons.

Issues to Know When Proudly owning a Glowlight Tetra

Meals & Food regimen Necessities🥫

Glowlight tetras are predominantly carnivores, although they’ll modify to omnivore meals if obligatory. They are going to readily take numerous meals, together with pellets, flakes, and freeze-dried merchandise. Examples of appropriate meals embody Tubifex, Chironomous, Atremia Nauplii, Daphnia, or adequately sized fish pellets.

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Measurement & Development Charge📏

You gained’t discover dramatic development in your tetras as soon as they’re older than 2 months of age. Their most measurement is round 2 inches lengthy. Providing your pets a high-quality weight-reduction plan will guarantee they’ve satisfactory vitamin to satisfy their wants.


There aren’t any subspecies or colour variations of the glowlight tetra.

Lifespan and Well being Situations 🏥

Offering optimum water situations is one of the best ways to safeguard the well being of your fish. Whereas they’re considerably tolerant of adjustments, it’s best to maintain issues as steady as attainable. They’ll dwell as much as 4 years in captivity.

Non-Infectious Situations

  • Aggressive/predatory tank mates
  • Small shoal measurement
  • Small tank measurement (overcrowding)
  • Poor water high quality
  • Accidents from substrate/robust currents

Infectious Situations

  • Neon Tetra Illness
  • Ich
  • Fin or tail rot
  • Velvet
  • Bacterial infections
  • Fungal infections

Please word that these lists are usually not complete.

Male vs. Feminine

It’s troublesome to inform the sexes of the glowlight tetras aside when younger. Nonetheless, sexually mature females are usually plumper than males with rounded bellies. There aren’t any main behavioral variations between the 2.

3 Little-Identified Info In regards to the Glowlight Tetra

1. Glowlight Tetras Are Extra Energetic in Teams

A single or just a few tetras gained’t be as energetic as a gaggle of fish. Many species use this survival technique to confuse predators. It could make it more difficult for them to hone in on a single fish.

2. Gold Mining Is a Main Environmental Risk to Native Fish Populations

The best danger from gold mining is its results on the standard of the water. Industrial effluents can even contaminate the water.

3. Glowlight Tetras Have Fascinating Courtship Rituals

You’ll be able to breed these fish in captivity, but it surely’s not as straightforward as different species. Should you’re fortunate sufficient to duplicate the fitting situations, you’ll discover the flowery courtship rituals that proceed spawning. There’s the same old chasing and evading. The male does a “barrel roll” because the time grows close to.

Picture Credit score: Grigorev Mikhail, Shutterstock

Closing Ideas

Glowlight tetras are a wonderful selection for inexperienced persons who need to maintain a neighborhood tank. You gained’t discover many higher species to populate your aquarium. They add colour and are fascinating to look at as they dart about their area. They’re appropriate with many different species with related wants, which makes care even simpler for somebody new to the interest.

Fortunately, these tetras are reasonably priced and simple to search out. The identical factor applies to the numerous appropriate species. The appropriate setup will make a horny show.

Featured Picture Credit score: Grigorev Mikhail, Shutterstock

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