Have you ever ever heard the outdated wives’ tales and superstitions about how black cats carry dangerous luck, are related to witches, and may carry demise? As foolish as these could sound, it’s believed that they subconsciously play on the minds of individuals trying to undertake, as black cats have a tougher time getting adopted than their colourful counterparts. This phenomenon acquired its title within the 2000s by the ASPCA.

In international locations the place there’s a detrimental stigma hooked up to black cats, shelter staff are consistently developing with new methods to advertise these cats, highlighting their vivid personalities as a substitute of the colour of their coats. This “black cat syndrome” is seen in lots of elements of the world, however Jap tradition views black cats utterly otherwise and believes that they’re related to good luck, are in a position to beat back evil, and may carry one thing magical into your life.

Why Are They Seen Negatively?

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The detrimental affiliation round black cats isn’t something new. In actual fact, the thirteenth century was considered one of their worst durations in historical past, because of the Catholic church and their perception that black cats had been linked to the satan. These beliefs had been handed on from technology to technology, and though persons are extra educated in the present day, there are nonetheless cultures that imagine that black cats and canines are linked to the occult.

The media nonetheless paints black cats in a detrimental gentle as they typically use them in movies and books in regards to the supernatural resulting from their age-long affiliation with witchcraft. Black cats are on each commercial linked to Halloween as a result of the colour black is tied to demise. Some folks additionally view these cats as spooky as a result of they’re arduous to see at nighttime and may seemingly seem from nowhere.

Why Are There So Many Black Cats in Shelters?

Sadly, “black cat syndrome” holds true as there are typically extra black cats in shelters. It’s not solely resulting from superstitions, however it does play an element, as superstitious folks received’t even take into account a black cat and would a lot slightly go for a colourful one.

Nevertheless, there additionally tends to be a larger variety of black cats in shelters, so even when the identical variety of black cats and colourful cats had been adopted on the identical day, it might appear as if fewer black cats discovered houses as a result of there could be extra leftover on the finish of the day.

Colourful cats are utilized in commercials as a result of they’re simpler to {photograph} and are deemed extra engaging, so when folks go to shelters to discover a new pet, they have a tendency to gravitate in direction of the forms of cats they’ve seen on TV, on web sites, in magazines, and on social media.

As unlucky as it’s, the truth is that black cats don’t stand out in addition to their colourful counterparts and have a tendency to get neglected.

Adoption Methods

With each problem, an answer must be created. Fortunately, shelter staff are good at these and have a number of adoption methods in place to advertise black cats. Many adoption facilities across the nation maintain particular occasions to create consciousness about black cats and use social media to shine a lightweight on their lovely options and personalities.

Some amenities supply reductions on black cats, and others will solely take black cats alongside to public occasions to make sure that they’re not the final forms of cats of their shelters to get adopted. Sadly, numerous research have proven that black cats have a decrease adoption fee and better euthanasia fee than cats of different coat colours. It will be important not to decide on a cat primarily based on the colour of their fur however slightly on their persona.

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Causes You Ought to Undertake a Black Cat

Should you’re trying to welcome a brand new cat into your private home, we extremely advocate adopting one out of your native animal shelter. Go and spend a while with the cats on the shelter and take into account if you’d like a kitten or an grownup cat, as there are execs and cons to each.

Kittens are much more demanding than grownup cats and haven’t but been educated, which will probably be your accountability. The choice you select will depend upon the period of time you’ve gotten in a day to pour into your cat.

It’s necessary to discover a cat that’s the proper match for you and your way of life, no matter their coat colour. Think about a cat that’s energetic, affectionate, and cozy round you, as these are indicators that the cat is wholesome and well-socialized. In case your two high picks are between a cat with a lightweight coat and one with a black coat, take into account selecting the black cat. Right here’s why:

  • Research have proven that cats with white coats have the very best adoption charges and lowest euthanasia charges, so another person will undertake that cat shortly, whereas the black cat could keep on the shelter for a very long time.
  • You’ll be reducing the variety of black cats on the shelter.
  • You’ll be creating consciousness that black cats aren’t one thing to be feared or prevented, which can encourage others to do the identical.
  • You’ll be gaining a brand new buddy who’s simply as treasured and worthy of affection as another cat.
  • Opposite to the superstitions surrounding black cats, all cats carry well being advantages to their homeowners, which embody reducing nervousness and stress, reducing blood stress, bettering cardiovascular well being, stopping allergy symptoms, bettering moods, and eliminating loneliness.


Black cat syndrome isn’t a delusion, as many shelters encounter this phenomenon and have created adoption methods to encourage the adoption of black cats. Research have proven that black cats have the bottom adoption charges and highest euthanasia charges, which is partly as a result of there are superstitions about them and partly as a result of they aren’t portrayed equally on-line and thru promoting.

Opposite to some stereotypes, black cats have loving and pleasant personalities. Encourage these trying to undertake to contemplate a black cat and break the stigma surrounding these gorgeous creatures.

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