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Bringing a brand new canine house is an thrilling expertise. One of many first joys is selecting a reputation that completely fits your new finest good friend. In case you’re intrigued by names beginning with the letter O, we’ve bought a various listing for you, divided into classes and described that will help you make the proper alternative.

The right way to Title Your Canine

One of many best methods to call your canine is to have it already narrowed all the way down to a sure sort of identify. You’ve chosen the letter O, so now what? How do you select? We’ve damaged our “O” names down into a number of classes to assist make your resolution simpler.

In case you nonetheless can’t resolve, take time to watch your canine’s persona to see what identify looks like one of the best match. You too can strive deciding on a number of of your favorites and drawing one out of a hat. Or take it to social media and have your family and friends vote.

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Pop Tradition “O” Names

  • Olaf:After the lovable snowman from Disney’s “Frozen,” this identify fits a cheerful and pleasant canine.
  • Oscar:From Oscar the Grouch to the celebrated Academy Awards, this identify is flexible and standard.
  • Oprah:Impressed by the influential media mogul Oprah Winfrey, excellent for a robust, inspiring feminine canine.
  • Oreo:This standard cookie’s identify is ideal for a black and white canine.
  • Obi:As in Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars, this identify is nice for a sensible and courageous canine.
  • Optimus:From Transformers, this identify fits a canine with a heroic and powerful persona.
  • Ozzy:Named after rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, this identify can be a cool alternative for a canine with a rockstar persona.
  • Oswald:A traditional identify that brings to thoughts the octopus character from the favored youngsters’s present.
  • Olive Oyl:Excellent for a skinny, tall canine, identical to the character from the Popeye cartoon.

Mythology-Impressed “O” Names

  • Odin:The Norse god of knowledge and magic, this identify suits a robust, clever canine.
  • Orion:The mighty hunter from Greek mythology, becoming for an adventurous, outdoorsy canine.
  • Olympia:Named after the house of the traditional Olympic Video games, this identify would swimsuit a sporty, energetic canine.
  • Osiris:An Egyptian god, this could possibly be a novel identify for a canine with a robust, commanding presence.
  • Onyx:A gemstone typically present in mythology, this could possibly be a novel identify for a black-coated or sturdy canine.
  • Ophelia:A tragic determine from Greek mythology, it is a stunning identify for a loyal, loving canine.
  • Oisin:A determine from Irish mythology, this identify is ideal for a small, courageous canine.
  • Orpheus:From Greek mythology, fits an enthralling and musical canine.
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Meals-Impressed “O” Names

  • Olive:Identical to the tasty fruit, this identify is ideal for a small, candy canine.
  • Oreo:Named after the favored cookie, this identify could possibly be becoming for a black and white canine.
  • Okra:An uncommon however enjoyable identify, impressed by the wholesome inexperienced vegetable.
  • Oatmeal:This may be a cute identify for a light-colored or soft-coated canine.
  • Onion:A unusual alternative for a canine with many layers to their persona!
  • Orange:Supreme for a canine with a shiny, sunny disposition or orange coat.
  • Oregano:Excellent for a canine who provides spice to your life, identical to the herb.
  • Oats:A healthful, down-to-earth identify for a loyal companion.
  • Orzo:Named after the rice-shaped pasta, this could possibly be a novel identify for a small canine.

“O” Names from Completely different Languages

  • Oso:Which means ‘bear’ in Spanish, this identify may match an enormous, cuddly canine.
  • Omul:This phrase means ‘man’ in Romanian, a becoming identify for a canine who’s your finest good friend.
  • Ombre:Which means ‘shadow’ in French, this could possibly be a novel identify for a loyal canine who’s all the time by your aspect.
  • Onur:This Turkish identify which means ‘honor’ can be a distinguished alternative for a noble, respectable canine.
  • Ogenki:A Japanese phrase used to ask ‘how are you?’, making it a enjoyable, conversational identify for a sociable canine.
  • Om:A sacred syllable in Hinduism, this identify could possibly be excellent for a peaceable, serene canine.
  • Ola:Which means ‘wave’ in Spanish, this could possibly be an ideal identify for an lively, energetic canine.
  • Oma:Which means ‘grandmother’ in German, a candy identify for a comforting, loving canine.
Picture Credit score: MVolodymyr, Shutterstock

“O” Names That Are Distinctive

  • Opal:Named after the valuable gemstone, this identify would swimsuit a canine with a glowing persona.
  • Orbit:This space-inspired identify could possibly be becoming for a canine with boundless vitality that likes to run in circles.
  • Octavia:A regal identify for a dignified and noble canine.
  • Oink:A enjoyable and quirky identify, excellent for a canine with a playful, mischievous character.
  • Ozzy:Impressed by rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, this identify can be a cool alternative for a canine with a rockstar persona.
  • Ozone:For an lively, energetic canine, identical to the atmospheric layer that protects our planet.
  • Oggy:A playful, enjoyable identify that’s excellent for a small, energetic canine.
  • Ocelot:Named after the wild cat, this could possibly be a novel identify for a modern, agile canine.
  • Odyssey:Excellent for a canine who loves lengthy journeys or has had a protracted journey to your property.

“O” Names from Literature

  • Oberon:A personality from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night time’s Dream,” excellent for a regal and commanding canine.
  • Othello:A personality from Shakespeare’s tragic play, perfect for a robust and passionate canine.
  • Octavia:A personality from Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra,” excellent for a noble and constant feminine canine.
  • Orsino:From Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night time,” fits a romantic and chronic canine.
  • Orwell:Named after George Orwell, the well-known author, perfect for an insightful and sensible canine.
  • Opal:From the novel “Due to Winn-Dixie,” excellent for a pleasant and empathetic canine.
  • Oscar:Impressed by Oscar Wilde, the well-known author, fits a witty and artistic canine.
  • Odile:A personality from the ballet “Swan Lake,” perfect for a sleek and chic canine.
  • Ovid:Named after the Roman poet, excellent for a poetic and expressive canine.
  • Osric:A personality from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” fits a loyal and trustworthy canine.
  • Ozma:A personality from “The Wizard of Oz” collection, excellent for a sort and benevolent canine.
  • Opium:Impressed by the novel “The Opium Battle,” perfect for a resilient and decided canine.
Picture Credit score: Makabas, Shutterstock

“O” Names from Sports activities

  • Osgood:After Chris Osgood, the ice hockey participant, excellent for an agile and aggressive canine.
  • Oguchi:Named after Oguchi Onyewu, the soccer participant, fits a robust and athletic canine.
  • Ovi:Brief for Alexander Ovechkin, the ice hockey participant, perfect for a strong and energetic canine.
  • Ocho:Impressed by Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, the soccer participant, excellent for a quick and agile canine.
  • Oakley:Named after Charles Oakley, the basketball participant, fits a robust and protecting canine.
  • Odell:After Odell Beckham Jr., the soccer participant, perfect for a quick and skillful canine.
  • Olajuwon:Named after Hakeem Olajuwon, the basketball participant, excellent for a tall and highly effective canine.
  • Overeem:After Alistair Overeem, the blended martial artist, fits a robust and fearless canine.
  • Olerud:Named after John Olerud, the baseball participant, perfect for a peaceful and centered canine.
  • Okoye:After Christian Okoye, the soccer participant, excellent for a strong and quick canine.
  • Orton:Named after Randy Orton, the skilled wrestler, fits a robust and charismatic canine.
  • Oates:After Adam Oates, the ice hockey participant, perfect for an clever and strategic canine.
  • Ostapenko:After Jelena Ostapenko, the tennis participant, excellent for a fast and agile canine.
  • Ogilvy:Named after Geoff Ogilvy, the golfer, fits a peaceful and centered canine.
  • O’Neal:Named after Shaquille O’Neal, the basketball participant, perfect for a tall and powerful canine.

“O” Names from Geography

  • Osaka:Town in Japan, excellent for an lively and pleasant canine.
  • Oxfordshire:A county in England, fits a dignified and clever canine.
  • Okavango:After the Okavango Delta in Botswana, perfect for a nature-loving canine.
  • Olympia:A metropolis in Washington, U.S., excellent for a noble and athletic canine.
  • Orkney:An archipelago in Scotland, fits a courageous and adventurous canine.
  • Otago:A area in New Zealand, perfect for a peaceable and outdoorsy canine.
  • Odessa:A metropolis in Ukraine, excellent for a vibrant and energetic canine.
  • Oaxaca:A metropolis in Mexico, fits a colourful and spirited canine.
  • Oslofjord:A fjord in Norway, perfect for a nature-loving and peaceable canine.
  • Ouagadougou:The capital of Burkina Faso, excellent for a novel and energetic canine.
  • Ontario:A province in Canada, fits a strong and pleasant canine.
  • Ozark:A area within the U.S., perfect for a rugged and adventurous canine.
  • Oranjestad:The capital of Aruba, excellent for a cheerful canine.
  • Oahu:An island in Hawaii, fits a playful and energetic canine.
  • Oban:A city in Scotland, perfect for a peaceable and pleasant canine.
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“O” Names from Music

  • Oboe:A musical instrument, excellent for a harmonious and expressive canine.
  • Otello:After Verdi’s opera, fits a passionate and dramatic canine.
  • Oratorio:A kind of live performance music, excellent for a vocal and expressive canine.
  • Opus:A musical time period, fits a inventive and harmonious canine.
  • Overture:A musical time period, perfect for a grand and spectacular canine.
  • Oasis:A preferred rock band, excellent for a cool and laid-back canine.
  • Offenbach:After Jacques Offenbach, the composer, fits a sublime and complex canine.
  • Orchestra:A big instrumental ensemble, perfect for a harmonious and cooperative canine.
  • Octave:A musical time period, excellent for a balanced and harmonious canine.
  • Orff:Named after Carl Orff, the composer, fits a inventive and expressive canine.
  • Osmond:After The Osmonds, the music group, perfect for a pleasant and energetic canine.
  • Outkast:A preferred hip-hop duo, excellent for a novel and unbiased canine.
  • Olly:After Olly Murs, the singer, fits a enjoyable and charming canine.
  • Orbison:Named after Roy Orbison, the singer, perfect for a soulful and melodious canine.

“O” Names from Science

  • Omega:The final letter within the Greek alphabet, excellent for a novel and particular canine.
  • Osmium:A chemical aspect, fits a robust and sturdy canine.
  • Octopus:A marine creature, perfect for a versatile and clever canine.
  • Oxygen:A chemical aspect, fits an lively canine.
  • Obsidian:A kind of volcanic glass, perfect for a robust and glossy canine.
  • Octane:A chemical compound, excellent for an lively and quick canine.
  • Ocelot:A wild cat species, fits a modern and agile canine.
  • Ozone:A layer in Earth’s environment, excellent for a protecting and vital canine.
  • Octahedron:A geometrical form, fits a balanced and symmetrical canine.
  • Owl:A nocturnal chicken species, perfect for a sensible and observant canine.
  • Omega-3:A kind of fatty acid, fits a wholesome and helpful canine.
  • Opabinia:An extinct marine animal, perfect for a novel and attention-grabbing canine.


From nature-inspired names to distinctive, out-of-the-box decisions, there’s a huge choice of “O” names that might completely fit your new canine companion. Bear in mind, one of the best identify on your canine is one that actually captures their distinctive spirit. Get pleasure from this particular naming journey!

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