Cats are naturally curious creatures and love to analyze their environment with their claws; from furnishings to partitions to even mirrors—any merchandise is honest sport. However have you ever ever questioned why your cat scratches the mirror? In that case, we’re glad you’re right here as a result of we’ll resolve this habits.

There are a number of explanation why cats scratch mirrors, and most causes are innocent. Nonetheless, in case your cat is burdened, that could possibly be a cause for scratching the mirror, wherein case, you’ll want to deal with the difficulty.

On this put up, we’ll record the seven explanation why your cat scratches the mirror and clarify what you are able to do to interrupt the behavior if obligatory.

The 7 Causes Why Your Cat Scratches the Mirror

1. Looking for Consideration

One cause could also be your cat is making an attempt to get your consideration. Cats have the intelligence to determine that by performing a particular motion, they’ll get what they need. Should you react every time your cat scratches the mirror, your cat will proceed doing it.

One approach to deter your cat is to offer a cat scratcher. Cats love them, and it’s a wonderful manner to offer enrichment and for sharpening the claws.

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2. Curiosity

As all cat house owners know, cats are curious beings and like to determine issues out. On this case, your cat could also be making an attempt to determine what the article is, and your cat will do that by pawing and scratching.

It’s common for a cat to be interested in a mirror as a result of they see their very own reflection. Nonetheless, they don’t acknowledge themselves and will paw and scratch in an effort to determine who the opposite feline is of their dwelling.

3. Worry

Since cats can see their reflection, they might paw and scratch as a result of they’re uneasy in regards to the cat they’re seeing. They could really feel threatened as if one other cat is invading their area; how dare they! Cats have scent glands on their paw pads, and by scratching the mirror, they’re marking their territory with their scent.

Cats who share a house with different cats might not be as stunned once they see their reflection, so you may think about what’s happening in your cat’s mind if he’s the only cat within the dwelling.

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4. Stress

Cats can get burdened identical to people, and when it occurs, they want an outlet to eliminate unfavourable vitality for stress aid. Most individuals cringe at one of these sound, however curiously, the sound of your cat’s claws going towards the glass is soothing to them. In brief, your cat could also be making an attempt to consolation itself and really feel protected by scratching the mirror.

5. Desirous to Play

Cats are humorous at occasions, particularly when the will to play strikes. Whereas some cats could also be fearful of their reflection, different cats might welcome it and really feel as if they’re enjoying with one other companion. They could really feel amused and interact in play, regardless that they don’t know that they’re truly taking a look at themselves. If play is the rationale on your cat scratching the mirror, you might even see them bat, pounce, run, cover, and even bounce on the mirror.

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6. Behavioral Issues

Some cats might show behavioral issues as a result of lack of bodily and psychological stimulation. A bored and annoyed cat can simply act out and interact in harmful habits, and a method to try this is to scratch the mirror.

Should you suspect your cat has developed behavioral issues, it’s important to take your cat to the vet to rule out any attainable medical circumstances that could possibly be inflicting the habits, akin to hypothyroidism, dental illness, osteoarthritis, and even central nervous system points.

If no medical points are the trigger, strive spending extra time together with your cat, and make sure you present your cat with toys, a cat tree home or condominium, and different stimulants, like puzzles and video games.

7. To Get Someplace

Lastly, your cat could also be making an attempt to get out of the house as a result of they don’t perceive how mirrors work. Since home windows even have glass, your cat might grow to be confused and suppose they’ll paw and scratch on the glass as a approach to get someplace. They could additionally scent one thing that piques their curiosity; subsequently, scratching on the “window” is a approach to examine the scent that they suppose is outdoors.

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Is It Harmful for My Cat to Scratch the Mirror?

More often than not, there is no such thing as a trigger for concern. Nonetheless, if the mirror is free-standing, that means it’s propped up towards a wall, there’s a risk the mirror may fall in your cat and damage them. Your cat can also break the glass with their claws, which may reduce them.

If the mirror is inflicting stress, anxiousness, or concern, it’s sensible to discourage the habits to maintain your cat stress-free. In case your cat is frightened of the mirror, you might take into account transferring it to a location the place your cat can not see it. Feline stress that goes untreated can result in well being points, like urinary tract points, pores and skin issues from extreme grooming, and allergy symptoms, making it essential to deal with the difficulty.

Tips on how to Cease Your Cat From Scratching the Mirror

In case your cat has been given a clear invoice of well being, and you realize a medical situation just isn’t the trigger, there are some things you are able to do to discourage the habits.

Purchase a Scratching Put up

A scratching put up will maintain your kitty entertained whereas additionally sharpening the claws. Scratching posts are additionally glorious stress relievers for felines.

Present Psychological and Bodily Stimulation

Make sure you present your cat with loads of toys, puzzles, and video games. Spend the time to play together with your cat with this stuff, as this will even aid you bond together with your cat.

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Transfer or Cowl the Mirror

It’s a good suggestion to maneuver the mirror to a distinct location your cat can not entry or just cowl it once you’re not utilizing it.

Search Assist

If all else fails, search skilled assist to cease the habits.


As you may see, there are a number of explanation why a cat might scratch a mirror. More often than not, there is no such thing as a trigger for alarm, and it may be fairly amusing to observe. Nonetheless, medical points may also be the trigger, and when you suspect a medical downside, take your cat for an analysis.

It’s additionally essential to guage if the motion is aggressive or just enjoying. In case your cat aggressively assaults the mirror, it’s finest to cease the habits to maintain your cat protected.

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