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Cats are fascinating creatures that usually have us questioning what they’ll do subsequent. Generally their conduct generally is a supply of leisure, however different occasions it may be a trigger for concern for a cat mum or dad. For example, your cat might start to cough after consuming water, and naturally, you’ll need to know why.

Fortuitously, you have got come to the correct place. Cats will cough after consuming for various causes, and the next article will handle the most typical ones. Some causes should not regarding and might simply be remedied, however there are additionally causes that will require medical consideration, which is why an appointment along with your veterinarian is at all times one of the best resolution. Listed below are the explanations your cat could also be coughing after consuming water:

The 5 Causes Why Your Cat Coughs After Consuming Water

1. Your Cat Could also be Consuming Too Shortly

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Your cat might merely be consuming the water too rapidly, which can lead to coughing. It could even be essentially the most possible motive, particularly in case your cat exhibits no different indicators of discomfort or sickness. When your cat drinks too quick, water can simply enter the windpipe by chance, which causes them to cough. Your cat might drink quick if they’ve simply had a vigorous play session or are worn out and have to replenish and rehydrate. So long as your cat coughs out the fluids from their lungs, then there is no such thing as a hurt finished, and there’s no want to fret.

Nevertheless, in case your cat is gulping down water incessantly, there may very well be one thing extra severe that’s inflicting them to be thirsty similar to a urinary tract an infection, kidney illness, excessive salt consumption, warmth, and diabetes. Contacting your veterinarian is crucial anytime your cat is consuming water excessively.

2. Your Cat’s Collar Could also be Too Tight

One other easy motive that may be rectified is that your cat’s collar could also be too tight. In case your cat’s collar is just too tight, it may well push down on the throat, which can trigger discomfort when consuming water, and it may well trigger your cat to cough after taking a drink of water.

Assess your cat’s collar to find out whether it is too tight. It shouldn’t be unfastened but in addition not proscribing, and you may take a look at this simply utilizing your fingers. It is best to usually be capable to match two fingers beneath the collar, and if it’s too tight, loosen it barely. Monitor your cat afterward after they drink to see if the coughing stops. If it doesn’t, you will have to contemplate different causes your cat could also be coughing.

3. Your Cat’s Water Could Style Dangerous

Whereas water could also be thought of to be comparatively flavorless, our cats can style it when one thing will not be proper. It could be chemical compounds within the water, a grimy bowl, or one thing that will have gotten into your cat’s water bowl. You possibly can observe these ideas in case your cat coughs after consuming water as a result of it probably tastes foul:

  • Put a filter in your faucet at residence
  • Swap from a plastic bowl to a chrome steel or ceramic
  • Think about using a water fountain
  • Add a teaspoon of bone broth or tuna water to make the water style higher – if utilizing this feature, it’s critical to scrub the bowl out every day to keep away from rancidity.
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4. Your Cat Could Have Swallowed a Small Object

Objects can fall into your cat’s water, like mud or particles, which your cat received’t discover and simply lap up whereas consuming. In case your cat swallows one thing whereas consuming, they’ll cough to take away it. Your cat may be battling a hairball or a big piece of meals that wasn’t chewed correctly.

You should monitor your cat and make sure the object was dislodged and never caught. Contact your vet instantly in case your cat doesn’t cough up the article. You could have to hurry to the emergency clinic in case your cat has hassle respiratory from the obstruction.

One other comparatively frequent downside in cats is blades of grass caught behind the taste bud. This normally presents with coughing, spluttering, and sneezing, which consuming or consuming can set off.

5. Your Cat Could Have a Respiratory An infection

Feline Herpesvirus (FHV) and Feline Calicivirus (FCV) are essentially the most prevalent feline viral respiratory ailments. Indicators of those respiratory points embrace an infected airway and throat, which can lead to a cough when your cat drinks water, and the water makes contact with the swollen and infected passages.

Nevertheless, in case your cat has a respiratory subject, coughing shall be a frequent prevalence, together with issue respiratory, wheezing, sneezing, and watery eyes. In case your cat exhibits any of those indicators, contact your vet for a full examination.

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Allergic reactions

In case your cat has allergy symptoms, they might cough after consuming water. Nevertheless, allergy symptoms result in extra basic coughing, very like respiratory sicknesses, and your cat will cough extra incessantly on a regular basis, not simply after they drink water. Allergic reactions might be brought on by meals or environmental allergens similar to mud mites, pollen, and fleas.

In case your cat has allergy symptoms, additionally, you will discover sneezing, wheezing, itchy pores and skin and eyes, pink and infected pores and skin, and nasal discharge. Should you discover any of those indicators, it’s doable that your cat could also be allergic to one thing, and it’s best to see your vet for an accurate prognosis.

Bronchial asthma

You may be stunned to study that bronchial asthma is definitely a comparatively frequent situation in cats, extra prevalent within the Siamese breed. Issues like allergy symptoms or bodily stimuli can set off irritation of the small airways in asthmatic cats, inflicting them to cough.

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Dental Illness

A buildup of tartar, unfastened tooth, or infected gums are all issues that would set off a cough when your cat is consuming. Keeping track of your cat’s oral well being may sound tough, however when you get them used to this when they’re younger, it may be straightforward to take a look at their tooth and mouth.

Making certain your cat has meals they should chew is without doubt one of the most vital and efficient methods to take care of their dental well being, however many cats will nonetheless want a dental go to throughout their lives. Your vet can speak to you about your cat’s oral well being and whether or not or not dangerous tooth may very well be inflicting a problem.

When Ought to I Fear About My Cat Coughing After Consuming Water?

If it was a one-off cough and splutter, or one thing that simply occurs now and again, then it’s price paying attention to, however not one thing that wants any pressing consideration. As talked about above, generally simply consuming too quick may cause a cough, identical to with us. Simply keep in mind to examine that their collar isn’t too tight.

If, nonetheless, the coughing after consuming turns into a daily prevalence, or if they’re exhibiting discomfort, like exaggerated swallowing or avoiding meals and water, it’s time to name the vet. In case your cat appears to be having issue respiratory after consuming, don’t delay: get them to the vet instantly.

Additionally, if the coughing additionally happens at different occasions, not simply after consuming, it’s positively price a visit to the vet.

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Easy methods to Forestall Your Cat from Coughing When Consuming Water

Now that you already know what might probably trigger your cat to cough whereas consuming water, there are some things you are able to do to stop it, given that you’ve dominated out any well being points.

  • Refresh your cat’s water repeatedly – this could ideally be finished on daily basis.
  • Take into account getting your cat a water fountain – this helps cut back the danger of stagnation and dusty surfaces. It additionally encourages these cats that don’t at all times drink sufficient water to remain hydrated, because the transferring water is far more engaging to them.
  • Guarantee your cat’s collar isn’t too tight.
  • Sustain along with your cat’s veterinary check-ups and vaccinations to make sure they’re at all times in good well being, together with their tooth.
  • Grooming – cats that get hairballs are more likely to cough, particularly after consuming. Common grooming is one of the simplest ways to assist keep away from hairballs, and there are pastes and diets that may additionally help when you have got a cat that isn’t essentially the most cooperative for a brush.


There are a couple of causes your cat might cough when consuming water. For essentially the most half, they don’t seem to be severe and might simply be remedied. Nevertheless, in case your cat is coughing typically, or not solely after they drink, it could be a well being subject that wants consideration. Coughing is a pure reflex of the physique to take away a bodily contaminant or one thing that has an disagreeable style.

Your cat may very well be consuming too quick, swallowing particles within the water, or their collar could also be too tight. Guarantee your cat’s water is at all times contemporary and clear and don’t ever hesitate to name your veterinarian if you’re unsure about your cat’s well being.

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