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TTA Surgery (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement)

$1,770.00 All Inclusive**

* Performed by Certified Surgeon Dr. Juan Fimbres
* Over 800 TTA Surgeries Performed
* Long History of Excellent Results
* Post Surgery Care Included in Cost (Stitches removal & 1 Month Follow Up Exam with X Ray)
** $100.00 Surcharge for pets 44 lb to 87 lb and $200 for 88 lb to 132 lb
** Post Surgery Medication and Medical Cone not included in cost, $20.00 to $200.00 if needed.
Items included in cost: Exam, Blood Test, X Ray (pre-surgery and post-surgery), TTA Surgery, Hospitalization (1 night required)
Please contact us to discuss the details of the surgery for your specific pet..

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