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Most pet mother and father comprehend it’s necessary that their cat drinks sufficient water. In any case, water is life, and cats want it to remain wholesome and reside an extended and joyful existence. One concern many cat house owners have is when their cat doesn’t drink water however eats moist meals.

Is that sufficient water? Will a cat’s well being undergo in the event that they don’t drink water however nonetheless eat moist meals? Based on veterinarians, the reply is that in case your cat is wholesome and exhibits no indicators of dehydration and different sicknesses, every part is almost certainly high-quality. Learn on to seek out out why, be taught extra in regards to the significance of water on your cat, and uncover methods to persuade your feline to drink extra H2O!

How A lot Water Do Cats Want Each Day?

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On common, cats ought to drink round 0.88 fl. oz (25ml) per pound per day, so a 10-pound cat ought to drink about 8 ounces each day.

After all, that varies from state of affairs to state of affairs. For instance, throughout winter, a cat will drink lower than in summer season when it’s sizzling. A mom cat will drink extra when nursing to make extra milk for her kittens, whereas an older cat often drinks much less since they’re much less lively.

Is the Water from a Can of Moist Meals Sufficient for a Cat?

A single 5.5-ounce can of moist cat meals is about 70% to 80% water, equating to about 3.85 to 4.4 ounces per can. Thus, for a 10-pound cat, one can of moist meals per day would meet half the each day water requirement.

You may suppose that’s not sufficient, but when your cat is wholesome and exhibits no indicators of dehydration or sickness, it’s in all probability simply high-quality, even when they don’t contact the water of their water bowl. Why? Cats often get water from a number of sources.

An indoor cat, for instance, may get water from the lavatory or kitchen sink, from potted crops, a fish tank, and even from licking a window coated with condensation.

Out of doors cats get water from much more sources, together with puddles, by killing and consuming small animals and leaky outside taps and hoses.

Do Cats Naturally Drink a Lot of Water?

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One more reason a cat that eats moist meals can go with out consuming water is that cats are constructed to outlive on much less water. Not solely do wild felines get their water from all kinds of sources not classically listed as “water” (i.e., the animals they eat), home cats have a diminished “thirst drive” as they’ve tailored to a life-style the place water is never scarce.

Research have proven that cats can survive by getting nearly all of the water they want from their meals. In case your cat eats a 5.5-ounce can of moist meals every day, they may solely want a single further ounce of water to remain hydrated to an satisfactory and wholesome stage. In brief, cats don’t drink a lot water, to start with, and in the event that they’re consuming moist meals, they will drink a bit further water and nonetheless keep completely wholesome.

The truth that cats that eat a weight loss program of dry kibble drink extra water than these on a moist meals weight loss program is because of two issues:

  • they aren’t acquiring any moisture from the meals they’re consuming, and
  • the require extra water to assist within the digestion of that meals, along with their upkeep wants.

Cats that eat a principally moist weight loss program, have the other state of affairs:

  • the get hold of substantial moisture from the meals they eat, and
  • the moisture content material of their meals signifies that they don’t want further water to assist in its digestion.

Do Cats Typically Want Extra Water than Moist Meals Can Present?

We’ve established that cats don’t drink a lot water and might do nicely on the water from moist meals alone. Nonetheless, typically, your cat will, or not less than ought to, drink extra water to remain hydrated. Let’s check out among the most distinguished examples.

1. When the Climate Is Scorching

When the climate is sizzling, all animals, together with cats, have to drink extra water as a result of the water of their physique will evaporate and be used to remain cool. That goes for outside and indoor cats, however outside cats are extra susceptible to shedding water as a result of they’re extra uncovered to excessive temperatures. In the event you don’t use A/C, an indoor cat will want extra water when it’s sizzling.

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2. When Your Cat Is Extra Lively

Like most animals, an lively cat will use extra water of their physique and have to replenish it extra regularly.

3. You’ve Not too long ago Switched From Moist Cat Meals to Dry Cat Meals

Dry cat meals has considerably much less moisture; should you swap to dry meals, your cat will want extra water, and this may often be very apparent.

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4. Your Cat May Have a Well being Situation

Cats with kidney illness, diabetes or urinary points usually drink extra water and urinate extra regularly or in bigger volumes. A visit to your vet is important in case your cat instantly begins consuming and peeing rather more than standard.

Indicators Your Cat May Be Affected by Dehydration

As we’ve mentioned, circumstances like hotter climate, elevated exercise, weight loss program change, or illness will trigger your cat to extend their water consumption. However what in the event that they don’t? What occurs when the quantity of fluid they’re shedding is greater than they’re taking in?

The physique wants fluid so as to transport oxygen to organs within the blood. As hydration ranges drop, the blood turns into thicker, slowing down oxygen transport, and extreme dehydration could cause disorientation, dizziness, and organ harm.

It is a specific threat with circumstances like kidney illness, vomiting, diarrhea, or warmth stroke. You may suppose {that a} cat that has turn out to be overheated will naturally drink extra water, however the bother with dehydration is that consuming water is usually the very last thing they wish to do, which solely makes issues worse.

There are a number of methods in which you’ll assess your cat’s hydration standing and decide if they’re dehydrated.

  • Eyes – when cats are severely dehydrated, their eyes turn out to be sunken.
  • Gums – in early dehydration, the gums might look pale and really feel cheesy. In extreme circumstances, the gums might seem darkish.
  • Respiration – when cats are dehydrated their respiration usually turns into fairly fast and shallow.
  • Vitality ranges – dehydration causes lethargy as circulating oxygen ranges fall.
  • Urge for food – when they’re dehydrated, cats usually are not keen on meals, and paradoxically, usually won’t drink.
  • Pores and skin recoil – usually, should you gently decide up some pores and skin on the again of your cat’s neck, it ought to spring again into place. The extra dehydrated they turn out to be, the slower this recoil is. In extreme circumstances of dehydration, the pores and skin received’t bounce again in any respect.

How To Encourage Your Cat to Drink Extra Water

As we’ve established, cats usually are not at all times huge water drinkers, even when their physique wants it. To assist your cat keep hydrated, observe the ideas beneath.

  • In case your cat eats moist meals, add 2 tablespoons of water to their meal. It may not look like rather a lot, but it surely is sufficient to deliver their consumption as much as regular requirement ranges.
  • Give your cat a number of water sources, in various completely different areas.
  • Preserve your cat’s water bowls away from their meals and litter field. Cats will see each of those as a possible supply of contamination, and keep away from consuming water close to them.
  • Swap plastic bowls for ceramic or stainless-steel. These supplies hold the water cooler, and keep cleaner.
  • Get a cat water fountain on your cat. They love operating water and revel in consuming from fountains.
  • Be sure that your cat’s water bowl is vast and shallow. Cats don’t like slim or deep bowls as a result of having delicate whiskers, and shedding their peripheral imaginative and prescient when consuming.
  • Place your cat’s water bowl in a spot the place they will have 360° imaginative and prescient and won’t be bothered by different pets or folks.
  • Refresh your cat’s water a number of instances each day so it stays clear and funky.
  • Place a couple of ice cubes in your cat’s bowl in the summertime. They wish to play with the cubes, they usually cool the water.

Last Ideas

Not like canine, a whole lot of cats aren’t as keen on consuming from their water bowls. however as a basic rule, they may naturally drink as a lot, or as little, as their physique requires. Moist cat meals is a superb supply of water for cats, and research have proven that it provides them nearly all of the water they should keep wholesome. So long as your cat has no indicators of sickness or misery, a 5.5-ounce can of moist meals per day will present practically all of the water they want, and by including an additional tablespoon or two, you will be assured they’re getting every part they want.

That’s to not say you’ll be able to’t encourage your cat to drink extra water. The ideas we supplied will assist encourage your pet to drink extra water to remain hydrated and wholesome. If you’re frightened that your cat is consuming excessively, not sufficient, or significantly in the event that they is likely to be dehydrated, make an appointment along with your veterinarian for a well being test.

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