In the event you’re an lively individual in search of a canine to affix you on day by day hikes or runs, the Jackawhip is likely to be simply the combined breed for you. As a small to medium-sized pup with big-dog power, the Jackawhip will convey mischief, playfulness, and persona to your loved ones. Maintain studying to be taught extra about this distinctive hybrid and whether or not they would possibly suit your family.

Breed Overview


Black, white, blue, fawn, brindle, purple, and white with these colour markings

Appropriate for:

Lively households or people with time to commit to coaching and exercising their pets


Playful, affectionate, pleasant, clever, typically cussed, good with different canines

The Jackawhip, typically known as the Jack Whippet, is a deliberate cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Whippet. Glossy, elegant Whippets have been first developed to hunt quick recreation by sight. Small however scrappy Jack Russell Terriers are no-nonsense employees bred to catch and dispatch small prey.

These two breeds share the same searching background however are in any other case fairly totally different in look and persona. Due to this, you may not know what to anticipate when you’re contemplating including a Jackawhip to your loved ones. Maintain studying to seek out out extra in regards to the Jackawhip, together with what it’s essential find out about caring for one.

Jackawhip Traits



Excessive-energy canines will want loads of psychological and bodily stimulation to remain completely happy and wholesome, whereas low-energy canines require minimal bodily exercise. It’s necessary when selecting a canine to ensure their power ranges match your life-style or vice versa.



Simple-to-train canines are extra expert at studying prompts and actions shortly with minimal coaching. Canine which can be tougher to coach would require a bit extra persistence and follow.

Well being:


Some canine breeds are liable to sure genetic well being issues, and a few greater than others. This doesn’t imply that each canine could have these points, however they’ve an elevated danger, so it’s necessary to know and put together for any further wants they might require.



Some breeds, attributable to their dimension or their breeds potential genetic well being points, have shorter lifespans than others. Correct train, vitamin, and hygiene additionally play an necessary position within the lifespan of your pet.



Some canine breeds are extra social than others, each in direction of people and different canines. Extra social canines tend to run as much as strangers for pets and scratches, whereas much less social canines shrink back and are extra cautious, even probably aggressive. Irrespective of the breed, it’s necessary to socialize your canine and expose them to a lot of totally different conditions.

Jackawhip Puppies

To discover a Jackawhip pet, you’ll seemingly have to search for a breeder relatively than depend on rescue and adoption. One good possibility is to seek for breeders creating “purpose-bred” mixes for canine sports activities or searching. Jack Russells and Whippets are each athletic breeds, and the Jackawhip is the kind of combine the breeders would produce.

A Jackawhip pet could fluctuate fairly a bit in dimension, colour, and coat kind. Nevertheless, the one factor they’ll all have in frequent is a necessity for early socialization. Whippets are typically delicate and fearful, whereas Jack Russells are headstrong and typically overconfident.

Jackawhip puppies could take after both mum or dad breed, in order that they’ll want socialization to construct their confidence or guarantee their pure boldness doesn’t make them reactive or dominant as they develop. It’s particularly necessary to socialize a Jackawhip with youngsters and different canines.

Each mum or dad breeds may be good with kids however usually want time to regulate to loud, fast-moving, tiny people. Jack Russells could conflict with different canines, particularly of the identical intercourse, and early socialization of a Jackawhip may also help forestall points later in life.

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Temperament & Intelligence of the Jackawhip

As with every combined breed, the Jackawhip’s temperament can resemble both mum or dad or be a mix of the 2. Jack Russells and Whippets have totally different personalities in some ways, so it may be exhausting to foretell the temperament of a Jackawhip. They are going to almost definitely be playful and energetic however might be calm like a Whippet or in fixed movement like a Jack Russell.

Jack Russells are alert, unbiased, mischievous, and infrequently noisy canines. Whippets are typically quiet sofa potatoes after they train. Whippets and Jack Russells are each sensible, so the Jackawhip might be an clever canine, however coaching should still be tough, as we’ll focus on later within the article.

Are These Canine Good for Households? 👪

Jackawhips may be good household canines with correct socialization. As we talked about, Whippets may be delicate and will do higher with older, calmer youngsters. Jack Russells are playful and energetic sufficient to function wonderful playmates for youths. Nevertheless, they might not be as affected person with youngsters who don’t respect their area.

Earlier than bringing residence a Jackawhip, guarantee your youngsters know the way to work together with canines correctly and provides them area if wanted. Be sure everybody within the household is ready for the dedication of maintaining a Jackawhip entertained, exercised, and busy to stop conduct issues.

Does This Breed Get Together with Different Pets?

Whippets and Jack Russell Terriers often get together with different canines when correctly socialized, and most Jackawhips ought to do fantastic with different canines. Nevertheless, like many terriers, the Jack Russell may be feisty and will sometimes choose fights. Supervise your Jackawhip as they meet unfamiliar canines in the event that they inherit this terrier trait.

Jackawhips are usually not beneficial for houses with cats or small unique pets. Each mum or dad breeds have a powerful prey drive, particularly Jack Russell Terriers, who have been bred to catch and kill. Some Jackawhips can be taught to reside with giant, dog-savvy cats, however it’s most secure to stay with canine housemates for these pups.

Issues to Know When Proudly owning a Jackawhip

In some ways, Jackawhips are comparatively low-maintenance canines. Nevertheless, they require a agency dedication to day by day train and infrequently some inventive coaching strategies. Right here’s what it’s essential know when owing a Jackawhip.

Meals & Eating regimen Necessities 🦴

Wholesome Jackawhips usually don’t have any particular food regimen necessities. You’ll need to feed your canine the suitable meals for his or her life stage. Ask your vet that can assist you calculate what number of energy your Jackawhip wants every day. Whippets have a light-weight body that doesn’t carry extra weight properly, so maintaining your Jackawhip at a wholesome dimension is important, particularly in the event that they bodily resemble the Whippet.

Train 🐕

Whereas Jackawhips are usually energetic canines, their train wants will fluctuate considerably primarily based on which mum or dad they most take after. Whippets get pleasure from working, however they’re often completely happy to calm down as soon as they run out of power. Jack Russell Terriers, however, are practically tireless.

They will develop harmful habits in the event that they don’t get sufficient bodily and psychological train day by day. It’s best to plan on giving your Jackawhip no less than an hour of vigorous train every day, however don’t be shocked if extra exercise is required.

Coaching 🎾

The Jackawhip is often a sensible, typically mischievous canine. They could even be a bit cussed and unbiased, particularly in the event that they take after their Jack Russell mum or dad. Begin coaching and socialization early however preserve coaching periods brief.

The Jackawhip regularly has a brief consideration span, so preserve coaching periods temporary and optimistic. Canine sports activities supply a very good combination of bodily and psychological exercise that will enchantment to the athletic Jackawhip. Agility, lure coursing, and flyball are all wonderful choices.

Grooming ✂️

The Jackawhip’s coat size and kind could fluctuate considerably, however their grooming wants stay low it doesn’t matter what. A weekly brushing is often sufficient to maintain their pores and skin and coat wholesome. The Jackawhip sheds however not excessively attributable to their lack of an undercoat.

Though their coat is straightforward to keep up, the Jackawhip’s nails must be trimmed usually to stop ingrown nails and different accidents. Additionally, it’s best to examine and clear their ears usually and brush their tooth day by day. You too can use dental treats to stop tartar and plaque from accumulating.

Well being and Situations 🏥

The Jackawhip could inherit any genetic situation frequent to both mum or dad. Thankfully, each Whippets and Jack Russell Terriers are usually wholesome general. Search for a breeder who can offer you well being information and proof they’ve accomplished all beneficial well being screenings earlier than breeding.

Severe Situations

  • Bloat
  • Luxating patella
  • Von Willebrand’s Illness
  • Mitral valve illness

Male vs Feminine

Unneutered male Jackawhips, like these of any breed, can exhibit extra dominant and presumably aggressive behaviors than females or neutered males. Additionally they regularly show sex-related behaviors like marking and humping. Feminine Jackawhips go into warmth about twice a yr except they’re spayed. Some Jackawhips could have hassle getting together with canines of the identical intercourse.

3 Little-Identified Information In regards to the Jackawhip

1. It’s Laborious to Predict What They’ll Look Like.

Jack Russell Terriers are available in lengthy and short-legged varieties. They could have {smooth}, damaged, or tough coats. Whippets are skinny, deep-chested, and smooth-coated. Additionally they are available in a number of colours and patterns with and with out white markings. With that sort of parentage, good luck predicting what the Jackawhip will seem like!

2. They Are British in Origin.

Whereas we don’t know the place the primary Jackawhips have been bred, their origins may be traced throughout the pond. Each Whippets and Jack Russell Terriers have been developed in England within the 19th century and stay in style within the nation.

3. They Are To not Be Trusted Off the Leash.

Whippets can run as quick as 35 miles per hour, whereas Jack Russell Terriers regularly refuse to return when known as. Each breeds possess an intense prey drive and will take off in pursuit of a squirrel or cat at any time. You may see why a Jackawhip ought to at all times be saved safely on a leash or behind a safe fence.

Remaining Ideas

If in case you have the power and persistence to satisfy their train, coaching, and socialization wants, the Jackawhip could make a superb pet. Jackawhips can simply change into bored and harmful with out sufficient psychological and bodily stimulation like their Jack Russell Terrier dad and mom. This isn’t a “hands-off” breed on the subject of shaping their conduct, and potential Jackawhip house owners ought to concentrate on the dedication they’re making. Earlier than you fall for the cute face and playful power of the Jackawhip, be sure to know what it takes to maintain them completely happy, wholesome, and well-behaved.

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