Cats are widespread pets in Thailand, they usually’ve even been revered temple guardians and good luck omens up to now. Thailand is residence to a number of totally different cat breeds, and lots of of those breeds have traveled throughout the globe and grown to obtain worldwide recognition.

We’ll introduce you to some great cat breeds from Thailand. We’re certain you recognize a number of the extra widespread ones which are acknowledged around the globe. Nonetheless, even the lesser-known ones are nonetheless value assembly.

How Are Cat Breeds from Thailand Categorised?

Data of distinct cat breeds may be present in a manuscript often called Tamra Maeo, which interprets to Treatise on Cats 1. The data within the Treatise on Cats means that cats have performed a major function in on a regular basis life for hundreds of years, as some have been seen nearly as good luck charms and others have been identified to be unfortunate.

These cat breeds continued to be bred in Thailand, and lots of have been exported to different international locations. A number of worldwide breeding applications have helped to develop constant options, and lots of Thai cat breeds ultimately obtained formal recognition from cat breed organizations. The next cat breeds have origins and ties to the Treatise on Cats.

The 8 Cat Breeds from Thailand

1.  Siamese Cat

Picture Credit score: LiliyaArt, Shutterstock
Origin: Ayutthaya Kingdom round 1351 AD
Lifespan: 15–20 years
Weight: 6–14 kilos
Temperament: Affectionate, loyal, playful

The Siamese cat is without doubt one of the most recognizable cat breeds around the globe. Regardless of being an historical cat breed, they’re nonetheless extraordinarily widespread and are amongst the highest 10 most searched cat breeds around the globe 2. They’ve additionally been the thirteenth most registered cat breed with the Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation (CFA) in 2018 3.

Siamese cats are extensively identified for his or her seal level coats. They are typically very loyal to their households and love enjoying and receiving consideration from their favourite individuals. Siamese cats additionally don’t shed as a lot as different cat breeds, so they could be a greater match for allergy victims.

2. Khao Manee

Picture Credit score: NaNae, Shutterstock
Origin: Bangkok round 1768
Lifespan: 10–12 years
Weight: 8–10 kilos
Temperament: Affectionate, social, energetic

Khao Manees are often called one in all Thailand’s historical cat breeds. Nonetheless, they’re nonetheless fairly uncommon as they haven’t gained a lot consideration exterior of Thailand till latest years. So, it’s no shock that there’s a lot curiosity round them. This breed sits shut with the Siamese cat amongst the highest 10 most searched cat breeds around the globe.

Khao Manees make great companion pets as they’re fairly affectionate and playful. They’re additionally fairly daring and don’t take too lengthy to heat as much as new individuals. As a result of they love receiving consideration and have a tendency to develop robust bonds with their households, Khao Manees don’t do effectively once they’re residence alone for lengthy hours.

3. Thai Cat

Picture Credit score: Linalyan, Shutterstock
Origin: Ayutthaya Kingdom round 1351 AD
Lifespan: 15–20 years
Weight: 8–18 kilos
Temperament: Curious, pleasant, vocal

Thai cats typically get blended up with Siamese cats, and totally different cat fancier organizations even have totally different names for them. For instance, the CFA doesn’t listing this breed in its registry, whereas The Worldwide Cat Affiliation (TICA) does.

In brief, Siamese cats originate from Thai cats. Western cat breeders began to breed Thai cats with sure options, and these cats ultimately turned the Siamese cats we all know at this time.

Life with Thai cats is commonly described as enjoyable and entertaining. Thai cats love their people and make glorious companion pets. They’re identified for following their people round the home and will also be very vocal. It’s not unusual for Thai cats to have “conversations” with their people.

4. Burmese Cat

Picture Credit score: Elena Kabenkina, Shutterstock
Origin: Burma and Thailand; breed as we all know it developed round 1930
Lifespan: 10–17 years
Weight: 8–15 kilos
Temperament: Playful, social, curious

It’s believed that the Burmese cat’s ancestors resided in Buddhist temples positioned in Burma (current day Myanmar). One in every of these cats was ultimately imported to the US, and efforts to protect and develop this breed started in 1930. A cat by the identify of Wong Mau was bred with a seal level Siamese cat to provide a litter of Burmese cats, and the breed was ultimately acknowledged by the CFA in 1936.

Apparently sufficient, Burmese cats are extra widespread and customary within the US and a few European international locations than of their nation of origin. The breed’s presence had pale in Myanmar, however efforts to reintroduce them to their residence nation have been initiated in 2007.

Burmeses share related temperaments as Siameses and Tonkineses. They’re identified to develop robust attachments to their households, they usually’re fairly energetic and playful.

5. Korat

Picture Credit score: gd_project, Shutterstock
Origin: Ayutthaya Kingdom round 1351 AD
Lifespan: 10–15 years
Weight: 6–10 kilos
Temperament: Clever, laidback, adaptable

Korats have at all times been admired for his or her stunning blue coats and have been historically thought to be good luck charms. Due to their luck and luck, it was frequent for pairs of Korats to be given as wedding ceremony items.

Korats are pretty adaptable and may reside in many various sorts of conditions. They normally don’t thoughts residing with different cats. They are often energetic and playful, however they’re additionally content material with being a lap cat. It’s necessary to notice that Korats develop robust loyalty bonds with individuals, so that they don’t do effectively in the event that they’re saved residence alone for too lengthy.

6. Mekong Bobtail

Picture Credit score: fotoliza, Shutterstock
Origin: Thailand round 1800s
Lifespan: 15–18 years
Weight: 8–10 kilos
Temperament: Loyal, energetic, pleasant

Mekong Bobtails have lived alongside individuals for hundreds of years, however the breed turned extra distinct and acknowledged through the nineteenth century. It’s believed that they have been gifted to the Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II. From there, the breed was additional developed and gained recognition within the Eighties.

Mekong Bobtails have pointed coats like Siamese cats, however they’re most identified for his or her quick tails. They have an inclination to have very playful personalities and are identified to get together with youngsters and different cats with correct socialization.

7. Tonkinese Cat

Picture Credit score: dezy, Shutterstock
Origin: Thailand or Burma in 1300s
Lifespan: 12–16 years
Weight: 8–12 kilos
Temperament: Playful, curious, energetic

Tonkinese cats are sometimes mistaken for Siamese cats, however they’re a definite breed that was developed by crossbreeding Siamese and Burmese cats. The breed’s origins are unclear. Nonetheless, many imagine that they first appeared in Thailand and Burma, the place it was extra probably for Siamese cats and Burmese cats to mate. Wong Mau, the cat we talked about earlier, was truly the primary acknowledged Tonkinese. So, together with Burmese cats, many Tonkinese cats have ancestries that hint again to Wong Mau.

It’s no shock that Tonkinese cats have temperaments that carefully mirror Siamese cat and Burmese cat temperaments. They’re identified to be extraordinarily playful and retain kitten-like vitality effectively all through their maturity. Tonkinese cats make great household pets and sometimes regulate effectively to residing with different cats and canines.

8. Suphalak

Picture Credit score: Nattakorn Suphatheera, Shutterstock
Origin: Ayutthaya Kingdom round 1351 AD
Lifespan: 12–20 years
Weight: 8–15 kilos
Temperament: Energetic, loyal, pleasant

Suphalaks are sometimes mistaken as sable Burmese cats, however they’re a totally distinct breed. They’re extraordinarily uncommon because of the problem of manufacturing litters of Suphalak kittens and the confusion between sable Burmese cats and Suphalaks. Present breeding applications are working to revive the breed, and the primary Suphalak was exported from Thailand to the US in 2013.

There’s nonetheless a lot to find out about this cat breed. What we do know thus far is that they are typically very energetic and energetic cats that like to play. They’re identified to be very affectionate and luxuriate in being round individuals.

What Are Historic Thai Cat Breeds?

Thailand is thought for being the house of a number of historical cat breeds. These cat breeds have been recognized and talked about in a manuscript often called the Treatise on Cats, which is extra generally often called Cat-Ebook Poems.

Cat-Ebook Poems is believed to have been written someday through the reign of the Ayutthaya Kingdom from 1351 to 1767. It has illustrations and descriptions of over 20 various kinds of cats, together with the Thai Cat, Suphalak, and Korat. The manuscript additionally talked about the believed results of proudly owning these cats. Some cats have been thought to be temple guardians, whereas others have been seen as harbingers of luck and luck. Some cats have been to be averted as they have been seen as unfortunate.


A number of widespread cat breeds have roots in Thailand and the encircling southeast Asia area. Many of those breeds have been additional developed in different elements of the world, which helped immensely in rising their worldwide presence and recognition.

Together with having stunning and distinct bodily options, these cat breeds are identified for being very affectionate and social. They make great companion pets and sometimes turn out to be beloved and integral elements of the household.

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